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How to bring up children

How to bring up childrenMother's identity. Behavior in everyday life



Perfect option.Our mother is Marya the clever. She manages to prepare, and to clean, and to invite guests, and get a good salary and bonus at work. At home there is always something delicious, everything is packed in the fridge, and it smells like apple pie. Everything is cleaned, mom will remind dad to fill out and submit a tax return on time.

The girl helps her mother to prepare a charlotte, and, having a tight bite, she sends into the subconscious a bunch of “photos” about her beautiful life.

A girl who grew up in such conditions is an excellent candidate for the role of a good housewife in her future family.

Sad option.Mother is a bad mistress. She either works a lot, or is too busy with herself, or just lazy and indifferent. Houses uncomfortable, there is nothing. There is a high probability that the daughter will repeat the behavior of the mother.

Our opinion:

How to raise children? If a woman is indifferent to everyday life, does not like to cook and restore order, it is very likely that her daughter can repeat this behavior in her future family.


Mother's identity. Attitude towards her husband



Perfect option.The girl carefully looks at how her mother treats her husband. The brain of the child captures every detail - whether mom is waiting for dad from work, whether her mother’s voice is changing, talking to dad in the presence of her grandmother, if mom is scolding dad in a conversation with a friend.

A girl who grew up in an atmosphere of mother-to-father love is likely to be a faithful and affectionate wife.

Sad option.The daughter is a witness to the disrespectful attitude, lack of love and warmth of the mother to the father. Mother uses derogatory remarks against her father, makes fun of him. In her family life, a daughter can repeat this attitude.

Our opinion:

If a woman does not take care of her husband, when a child “saws” him and scolds him in trifles, never uses tender words towards him, it is likely that her daughter will also be cold and inhospitable with her husband in her future family life.


Mother's identity. Attitude towards the child



Perfect option.Any child needs a mother’s love, affection, warmth, gentle touch, lullabies before bedtime.

A girl who received a stream of love in her childhood is likely to transfer this pattern to her maternal role.Feeling on itself in the childhood a stream of maternal love, the girl realizes its great power and will direct it to the next generation.

Sad option.The mother may refuse to breastfeed the child, will not take her child in her arms, will not tell tales and sing lullabies before bedtime, deprive him of warmth and care.

Denial of maternal love and care will impede the normal development of the girl.

But this destructive work of the mother will not be limited. A girl can learn from her mother the wrong attitude towards the child. A daughter, deprived of maternal love and not having a normal image of motherhood in front of her, can become an unkind mother. So cold mother will lay in the psyche of her little daughter, a distorted, ugly image of motherhood, which she will carry to the next generation.


Daughter-mother game



A kind of summing up in the adoption of the role of a family man and the female role is the game in the daughter-mother.

Here is collected all the children's experience of observing the behavior of the mother at home, for her relationship with her husband, with her grandmother. This reflects the departure of the mother into the world of work, a huge, omnipotent organization competing with the child for mother time and attention.

A girl who cooks gruel in a toy bowl, gently cradling her puppies, taking them with them to school, is undoubtedly a good mother.


Mother's female behavior

For the girl, the femininity of the mother is important, whether she is watching her appearance. Does the mother do a manicure and pedicure, use cosmetics, perfume, or does she walk like a pig and a blue stocking?

The girl still loves her mother. Children's love is unconditional love, it does not depend on the mother’s wardrobe, her salary and social success.

Revision of mother's behavior will come later. In adolescence, images will appear from the subconscious that speak of the mother's femininity and they will be used as a model until the laws of the peer group make their own amendments.

Female behavior will be needed by our girl when she grows up and enters the age of searching for partners. Femininity, which she took over from her mother, will also render her good service among her friends and in her professional circle.


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