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How to quickly dry hair?

Yana Lisitsina
Yana Lisitsina
March 6, 2015
How to quickly dry hair?

In life, there are more than once situations when a woman needs to be tidied up very quickly. And if you make light makeup and throw on clothes in a couple of minutes, it’s quite possible, then it will be extremely difficult to dry your hair in such a short time.

We will show ways that will help to cope with this task more quickly.

Ways to quickly dry hair

Hair dryer

We will give some tips on how to quickly dry your hair with a hair dryer, without causing harm to your scalp and the strands themselves.

  1. Never dry hair that still drips after washing. Firstly, it is an extremely negative impact on their health, and secondly, this drying will be much longer. So before you take up the hair dryer, lightly dry them with a towel. In this case, it is impossible to rub the strands too intensely - in this way you will only injure the hair shafts and provoke a cross section of the tips. It is enough to get wet hair to stop water dripping from it.
  2. Divide hair into several strands.The smaller they are, the less time you spend on drying. If necessary, you can stab a piece of hair with a hair clip.
  3. Hold the hair dryer at a distance of about 15 cm from the hair. Closer hold is not worth it. So you can burn the scalp and overheat the hair too much, which does not benefit.
  4. Begin drying always in the direction from the roots to the tips, strand by strand. If you want to get additional volume of hair, then you can hang your head down and dry also from the roots to the ends. Remember that you should not delay the hair dryer on one part of the strand for too long.

Other means

Can you imagine how to quickly dry your hair in a situation where there is no hairdryer at hand? It's very simple - take advantage of the tools at hand, or buy special things that will help you cope with this task:

  • Paper towels. You hardly got the idea to use this kitchen know-how to dry your hair. And you try it - several layers of thick napkins will perfectly absorb excess liquid. Hair, of course, will remain wet, but it will stop dripping from it.
  • Comb with microfiber. This recent invention has become a real sensation, because now women all over the world can comb even wet hair, which is strictly forbidden to do with regular combs.
  • Microfiber towel. It will be more effective than the usual cotton or the more synthetic.

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