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How to put the server on a hosting?

Andrey Kresrerev
Andrey Kresrerev
November 21, 2014
How to put the server on a hosting?

Installing a server on a hosting is a fairly simple process, but still requires adherence to a specific algorithm of actions. Consider how to put the server on a hosting.

Setting the server to hosting

In this case, we will consider how to put the server on a free hosting. For this we need a special program. This program is well suited to put the game server on a hosting. After downloading and installing the program, you will need to do the following:

  1. Open the program window and note the lines. Start from the topmost - "Select Server".
  2. Select one server from the list provided. There is no big difference between the servers, so you can choose any.
  3. Next, select the number of slots. The number of slots reflects the ability to log on to a server of a limited number of people, so how many slots you put, there will be as many people on your server.
  4. Enter the server name.Please note that the name must contain only Latin letters. The use of numbers is possible.
  5. Set the server password. It is strongly not recommended to copy the server name to the password string. Use the most complex password possible, but such that other people who will use the server can easily use it.
  6. In the “FTP name” field, repeat the server name.
  7. In the “FTP pass” field, repeat the password.
  8. On the bottom line, you should also record the server name and your password. Make sure you don't accidentally delete quotes.
  9. Check "ANX MOD plugins" and "I accept the terms".
  10. Next, click "Apply".
  11. You will see a message that will reflect your port and your ip-address.
  12. Copy ip-address.
  13. Start the game and in the command line that appears, enter the word "connect".
  14. Add an ip address.
  15. Click Enter.
  16. After you see a message that a connection to the server has occurred, you will need to repeat the procedure, but at the end of the ip-address add a colon and enter the name of the port that was in the message. For example, 22590.

Everything is ready, you can use your server for the game.

The described algorithm reflects the essence of server hosting. In the general case, this procedure is reduced to using a special program, entering data and obtaining an ip-address, as well as a server port.


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