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How to punish a child?

Children require proper and timely education. Every child sooner or later begins to misbehave. And sometimes these pranks are not at all harmless. Here, moms and dads have a question about how to punish a child correctly, how to make it clear to the child that his act was unforgivable, and the punishment is fair. This is a rather delicate matter, and you need to deal with such issues wisely. The main thing - do not try to cause fear in your child, this is the wrong tactic of behavior and it will not bring the desired result. The child will become obedient, but only for a while. Understand for yourself and always be guided by this principle: punishment is not revenge for bad behavior, it is a fair life lesson whose purpose is education. Try to bring this to your child as much as possible.

Before you think about how to punish a child, think. Rate the situation. If the baby stumbles for the first time, do not rush to begin effective measures. Speak in soothing colors, explain what was done wrong, what was good and what was bad.Remember that you have to be a friend for your child. Do everything possible so that after the punishment the baby does not turn away from you and does not close in itself.

Competently punish and educate

Do not punish the child in a fit of feelings, he should not see your anger. Be balanced, restrain yourself and keep a sober mind. Remember that punishment is resorted to only in extreme cases, when it becomes clear that all other methods of education have no effect. A bad parent is one who does not educate, but only punishes. Look for approaches and ways to solve the problem.

If the child is still guilty and it is impossible to leave the act unpunished, remember that the punishment should be commensurate with the offense. Do not be cruel, do not deprive of the smallest pranks favorite activities for a long time, in a word, do not overdo it. Very often, parents use coercion to do homework as a punishment. For example, forced to clean toys or wash dishes. This is completely wrong. The fact is that after such a punishment the child may decide that if he corrects, then this will help him avoid household chores.That is, a thought may appear: “if I behave myself, then there is no need to do cleaning the room”. This will bring an additional series of problems, and quarrels will not be avoided.

Fairly evaluate the severity of punishment.

In addition, the severity of the punishment must be adequate in relation to age. There is a very important nuance here: time in children lasts much longer than in adults. So, putting your baby 2-4 years in a corner for 15 minutes, you thereby charge him an exorbitant burden. In general, it is better to punish babies immediately after the offense; do not wait until you arrive home from guests. Sit the child in a high chair for 3 minutes, that will be enough. If you punish a child, you should be able at the same time to let him know that punishment is not proof that you dislike him. If you want to learn more about how children are being punished, videos with various recommendations from professional teachers will help you with this.

Do not assign corporal punishment to your child.

Reflecting on how to punish a child, a lot of controversy raises the question of corporal punishment. Here you need to say a definite "no." No matter how difficult the offense, never resort to this method.It harms not only physical, but also psychological. The little man becomes either stubborn or overly compliant. It is better to choose one of the methods of punishment ignoring. Do not pay attention, do not notice, do not talk. Make it clear that this bad act upset and hurt you very much.

After a fair punishment teach the child to ask for forgiveness. It is very important. Ask the child if he understood what he did wrong, take a promise that he will not do this in the future. In general, the scheme of dealing with bad behavior is this: make a comment, conduct an explanatory conversation, if it does not help, punish. In any case, remember that forgiveness necessarily follows every punishment.


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