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How to pump without a rod

Working with a partner, dose the load, mastering different exercises gradually, with little effort. Do not bend your knees or bend your elbows. Gradually increasing the tension on the part of the partner, complicate the exercise. The most effective exercises are when you work at your limits, but without exaggerating them.
To inflate the muscles of the hands, use different types of push-ups - from the bottom and top. Stand up straight and raise your arms parallel to the floor. The partner behind you should press the center of your forearms, creating resistance and pressing your arms down. In the same way, press your arms up - repeat the exercises 12 times in two sets.
Then start pressing your arms up and sideways, placing your arms in front of you crossed and parallel to the floor. The partner should press on the hands in the area of ​​the elbow with his palms, directing the effort down, and you, in turn, should raise your hands up. Do the exercise in two steps six times.Then change the exercise - press the arms down and sideways.
Stand straight, place your hands in front of you parallel to the floor. The partner should stand back and hold you with your palms outside the center points of the forearms, while spreading your arms to the sides. Resist the partner, repeat the exercise ten times.
In a similar way to pump up you can not only arms, but also legs - for example, in order to pump up the muscles of the thigh, you need to stand sideways to the wall and put your hand on it. The partner must rest with his hands on your lower leg or hold your foot. Take your foot to the side, overcoming resistance. Repeat the exercise ten times. Also, with resistance from your partner, lift your leg forward and lower it, as well as bend your knees, while your partner will hold you by the legs.

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