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How to connect PSP to internet?

Elena Shchugoreva
Elena Shchugoreva
April 4, 2013
How to connect PSP to internet?

Today, the world’s Internet contains the lion’s share of human information. With the entrance to the age of information technology, a person needs access to the Internet to solve many problems for which he had not just not needed, such problems did not even appear. The ability to access the network is even on a gaming device such as the PlayStation Portable, also known as the PSP. Connecting it to the Internet is quite simple - the developers tried to make the interface clear and accessible.

Connection Requirements

In addition to the PSP itself, you will need a wireless access point to set up Internet access, because access to the Internet is via a Wi-Fi connection. You also need to know the SSID and encryption key of the access point. Both of these parameters are set during the initial setup of the access point and displayed in its web interface.

Step tuning

So, consider how to connect the Internet to the PSP? To set up a new Internet connection,in the settings menu, select the “Network Settings” item, then the “Infrastructure Mode” and “New Connection” items. Selecting the "Scan" item will launch a search for access points in the radius of view of the device, which is 30-50 meters depending on the PSP model. Some models also have the option of automatically connecting to special access points with auto configuration support. The result of the scan will be a list of available points. For each of them, the SSID, encryption type and signal level will be displayed. This is where the well-known SSID of our point will come in handy - you can find the desired point among others. You can, of course, connect to the first available network, but even if you are lucky, and it will not be protected with a password - you never know what viruses crawl on other people's machines. After selecting a network, you will need to enter a password if it is set on the access point. Next, select "Simple" mode settings and set the name of the connection. Done! Such sets "username and password" can be set up to ten pieces.


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