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How to properly set up a satellite dish

How to properly set up a satellite dishSF-50 is a device for the construction of satellite antennas, designed for operation: both inside and outside! premises. With it you can set up! An antenna is not only a transponder signal! DVB-S format, but also OVB-S2, which is important in cases when it is necessary to configure the antenna using a transponder in DVB-S2.


The device is supplied in cardboard packaging, inside of which there are partitions enclosed in order to ensure rigid fixation of the device and its accessories during transportation. Appearance is a product of very high quality manufacturing. The details of the device body fit together clearly, no burrs, no squeaks either. Here it’s not something to complain about. Here we can safely talk about the standard of quality in the manufacture of cases of household appliances. The body consists of two halves. The upper part has a slightly rough surface. But the lower one is smoother at first glance, but its surface feels like rubber to the touch.Therefore, in the hand the device lies confidently and will not be able to slide off the palm of your hand, unless you just turn the palm down to the ground. If you put the device edge on the table, as it is depicted in the photograph in the package, then you will see the red on / off button of the device on its upper side, and to switch from one state to another, you need to hold it for several seconds. Also at the top there is a steel “needle” in the recess, by which you can hook on the supplied carrying strap. On the right, the F-connector is understandable for what it is present without a description. The power supply, which simultaneously performs the role of a charger, a USB connector for programming the device and a connector that performs a dual function: AV output, and R5-232 port. On the right you can also see a similar opening cover, but there is nothing under it, there is only a plug for the Ethernet connector. Such a connector is in another model of the device, but not in this one.


The front faceplate has, of course, the maximum number of control buttons and several indicators, including a 50x35mm color monitor. Indicators, as you can see in the photo several types.This is an LCD monitor, a two-digit seven-segment LED indicator of received signal quality. By its value you can tune the antenna, without looking at the small LCD monitor, after capturing the signal. At the bottom of the front panel there are LED indicators showing the processes of charging the battery, capturing the signal, turning on the 22 KHz tone control signal, and applying 13 or 18 volts to the converter to the cable. In the lower right corner there are holes above the audio speaker of the TV show, or the audio tone of the antenna tuning.


Software Update



Before using the device for the first time, it is recommended not only to charge the battery for at least 5 hours, but also to install the latest software version into it. To do this, first check the version already installed in the device, its number can be viewed in the System menu. Next, go to the site www.openbox.ua and in the case of the presence of a more recent version, download this. You can update the software in two ways: via nopr RS-232 or via USB port. In the first case, you need to connect to a computer, which, moreover, must have an RS 232 port.In the second, you just need to have a USB flash drive. The second method is preferable, as it takes less time.

scanned channels to a computer through the RS-232 port or directly to a USB flash drive. Already in the computer it will be much easier and faster to edit the list of channels to fit your needs. The finished channel list, like all settings, can be poured back into the device as well as the main software in any convenient way.


Work with the device



The device can be operated both indoors and outdoors. For use outdoors using a protective cover. The case is not only the protection of the device from scratches, but also allows you to fasten the device on your wrist, like a bracelet. The weight of the device is relatively small, so working with the device on hand, you will not be inconvenienced. Of course, at the request of the distributor, the manufacturer could also provide a belt for the cover, as was done with other devices, so that it could be operated by hanging the device around its neck. Not in all cases it is convenient to work with the device on the arm, but it is much more convenient for someone to hang the device by the belt on any element of the antenna or the building, so that there is nothing on the hands at all. The case is not perfectly sewn.It does not have a belt clip, and it partially closes the cursor control button to the left.


After you have installed the latest software version in the device and charged the battery, you can proceed to setting up the antenna. Of course, if you are an installer, then you already have your own antenna, either at home or at work. And the study of the instrument menu is best done not at the client's site. In addition, you can significantly save time on setting up the client antenna if you arrive at the site with an already tuned device. That is, it will have already scanned all the necessary satellites with channels. The channels themselves will be arranged so that it is convenient and quick to work. For example, a list of channels to make two channels for each satellite. In this case, the first channel from each satellite will be the channel from the strongest transponder of the satellite, and the second from the weakest one. Thus, you get a list of channels where: odd channels are strong transponders, and even ones are weak. Therefore, a preliminary tuning of the antenna, or multifid, you will carry out on odd channels, and fine-tuning - on even.Having received at the same time the maximum possible option and the most precisely tuned antenna.


Someone will say why I need only two channels from the satellite when there are a lot more channels broadcast there? The device, of course, can show non-coded channels on its monitor, but you need to watch TV at home. And the device is used primarily for tuning antennas. And the less you will operate the device, the longer it will last you. If only because the battery of the device is non-standard, and you simply cannot buy them as batteries in any store. The less discharge cycles you use, the longer the battery will last without replacing it with new ones.

Despite its small size, the device supports all kinds of DiSEqC protocol, including the management of the motor suspension using the DiSEqC1.2 or USALS protocol. Wherein


Whenever you want to update the software, which usually fixes the errors found in the old one and adds new functions to the device, be sure to visit the technical support forum on the www. openbox.ua. Since there are transitional versions when changing the software base software, and skipping through them updating to the most recent one is not always possible. But about this in detail all written on the forum. Therefore, difficulties with this can not be.Since the changes may be different, we will not write about them in the device review article.


The safest way to update software is sequential programming by all versions in order following the version that is current in your device. This is a guarantee that you will not have to restore the device to working capacity with additional software. On this, the capabilities of the device to change its software are not limited. With the help of a special program editor Ali_Editor you can save all your device settings including lists from you should understand that the battery of the device will be discharged faster, as it will have to power the motor.


98 satellites are programmed into the device; you can edit their number and names on the computer. It is reasonable to remove all satellites that are not accepted at all in your area, for example, those that are under the horizon. The channel setup menu structure in the instrument is similar to that of any satellite receiver. Therefore, any difficulties here simply can not be. Everything is and simple clear actions:

Choose a satellite

Adjust the LNB local oscillator frequency

Configure the OiSEqCr port if used

Adjust motor type, if used

Choose transponder

Scan channels

Go to the next satellite


To facilitate the tuning of the antenna, the instrument provides for an increase in the scale of the received signal / quality level by almost the entire monitor screen. To display an enlarged scale, simply enter the DiSeqC menu and press the F2 button twice. It will also be convenient to look at the digital signal quality indicator after capturing the signal from the satellite.


By connecting a USB flash drive formatted with the FAT32 system to the device, you can record screenshots of the signal levels that you were able to achieve on one or another antenna for further comparison and analysis of the received data. In addition, you can also view the spectral component of the signal.


To do this, in the USALS menu, you must enter your location coordinates, then press the SAT button. An imaginary arc - orbit (on which the satellites are located) will appear on the monitor, where you can visually see for yourself in which side of the sky one or another satellite is located. To the west or east of the southern direction and approximately as far as from it.The device also has a spectrum analyzer, but the small size of its monitor will not allow you to use it fully. The monitor itself has a low resolution and tight menus with a format of 600 lines, the ALJ microprocessor does not look very good on it. There is a difficulty in reading texts, names of satellites, parameters of transponders. But then it will come to the rescue, it can not be by the way, it is a digital indicator.


This device will be a good helper for any installer. Despite minor flaws, which can be completely eliminated, thanks to new versions of the software in the future, it is very convenient for the device to tune the antennas, both in bright sunlight and in the dark. Talk about convenience in general, when working with any device, it is not necessary. As it is clear that the time required to tune the antenna is significantly reduced, and the tuning accuracy only increases. The device works up to 6 hours with a full battery is enough to configure any antenna system. The ability to work with the device settings on a computer significantly expands its functionality and saves time to prepare the device for operation.The distributor closely follows the wishes of the users and sends them to the developer, which subsequently results in the release of a software update with corrected errors and the addition of new functions to the device. For the money requested for the device, he justifies himself and performs the tasks assigned to him. The main thing is to quickly and accurately configure the antenna in the shortest possible time, ease of operation, reliability and durability of the device. These criteria determine the choice of the majority of installers in favor of acquiring it as an accurate and convenient tool for their activities.


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