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How to prevent flu during pregnancy

After the onset of pregnancy, healthy nutrition is recommended for women according to their composition, calorie content and vitamin saturation to ensure the normal continuation of pregnancy and the development of nonspecific protective factors (interferon of the body, active cells of the immune memory).
During mass outbreaks of respiratory infections and influenza for pregnant women, recommendations that advise not to attend mass events with a large crowd of people, use personal protective equipment, such as gauze bandages, in time to remain effective.
It is advisable to use drugs during pregnancy to enhance the humoral and cellular immunity of the body, but these drugs should be used after consulting a doctor.
Also, you should not take drugs yourself,providing the production of protective antibodies - they can have an adverse effect on the course of pregnancy and cause allergic diseases in a child after birth. It is better to use in this case herbal preparations from the arsenal of traditional medicine, which have proven to be good protective agents - onions, garlic, raspberries.
When leaving home, pregnant women should lubricate the nasal passages with oxolinic ointment, and after returning home, wash hands thoroughly and wash mucous membranes with solutions of sea salt or preparations of similar action (humer, aqua-maris). Then the nasal passages should be smeared with oxolinic ointment again.

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