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How to praise?

Do we often hear kind, kind words in our address? Do we often say good words to our relatives and loved ones? Unfortunately, it is much easier for us to scold and scream at someone than to rejoice for a person, to praise him. How to praise a person? How to make so that the boast does not become flattery?


Praise is approval, praise, complement, ascension, praise of a person. Very often the question arises: “How to praise a person correctly?” We must sincerely praise, from the heart. Praise often works wonders. It is necessary to praise a person for concrete actions, deeds, actions.

It is also necessary to remember about the individuality of a person. After all, someone is pleased when he is praised in public, and it is more pleasant for someone to hear approval, kind words only through personal contact.

You should not set as an example a person who has just been praised. It is not always pleasant to others, perhaps, for them this person is not a sample for example.

Be sure to praise your family! To praise a loved one, you can always find a good reason.Every day you can say words of gratitude to your relatives simply because they exist!

How to praise a man

Beautiful complements for beloved men will then be perceived correctly when they are told about the case. Empty praise can be perceived by a man with suspicion. So again she needs something! But sincerely expressed praise on the basis of his actions, deeds or achievements will be perceived very differently.

Unfortunately, a woman often does not know how to praise a loved one, she does not see a reason for this. Men can be praised for certain things, even if they seem obvious to a woman. If you praise your beloved man for every little thing, then he will feel needed, useful. And if you praise something significant, it can inspire a man and he will move mountains for his beloved.

Here are some nice phrases for every man:

  • You are the best!
  • I was very good!
  • Thank you, everything was so delicious!
  • I love you!

How to praise a girl

Nice words, compliments always liked girls, women. It is necessary to praise what she herself is proud of. These can be eyelashes, eyes, hair, legs, figure, dress, etc.You can praise a girl not only for her actions, but also for her character traits, for her appearance:

  • Darling, your elegant walk makes my heart beat faster!
  • Your sexy little nose is asking for a kiss!
  • So you can love only!
  • Your magic voice takes me far away to the planet of love!
  • You are like an angel: beautiful and divine!

How to praise a child

Children are punished often - in the case or just like that. And how to praise the child, what words to find for him? Unfortunately, the main words for praise are “good”, “well done”. As words of praise, we can offer the following:

  • I always believed in you!
  • I didn’t know you could do that!
  • It's nice to watch your work!
  • Your help came as soon as possible!
  • You can rely on!
  • You can serve as an example for others!
  • Thank you, dear, for your honesty!
  • You are an exceptional child!
  • You are my pride!
  • A brave deed!
  • You are just super!

The child must be praised, including for trifles: he washed the dishes, put the bed away, put the toys in place, solved the puzzle, read, wrote (even if one flat, beautiful letter from the whole sentence). For older children, you need to find other words that will be important to their age.

How to praise yourself

Every person wants to hear in his address kind words, praise for some actions. There are such moments that not everything is going well, but it is imperative at this time to support yourself, to praise. First you need to do it alone with yourself in front of the mirror. You can look in your eyes and praise yourself mentally, you can loudly, “You, well done, you will surely succeed, you are strong, you will certainly cope!” This gives psychological support to overcome difficulties.

One must learn to praise oneself out loud, in the presence of others; one must do it in a joking manner, which does not prevent this praise from being effective.

It praises itself very well for the excellent work done in the form of natural encouragement: favorite food (chocolate, fruit, beer, etc.), long-awaited things and the like.

Make each other stronger, happier, love!


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