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How to polish the glass?

Dmitry Chepcheruk
Dmitry Chepcheruk
August 9, 2012
How to polish the glass?

Glass polishing involves not only removing dirt and dust, but, above all, the removal of minor scratches and various abrasions. In this article we will talk about the different ways of how to polish glass, from economical to expensive, and talk about polishing technology.

Car glass polishing

This is a rather complicated and time-consuming process, requiring a large investment of time, money and effort. To begin, we list all the tools and fixtures that will be needed to polish the glass.

  1. Special polishing powder.
  2. Polishing wheel.
  3. Polishing machine.
  4. Film to cover the entire car from splashing.
  5. Paper napkins
  6. Glass cleaner.
  7. Black marker.
  8. Masking tape
  9. Spray or hand spray.

Wear protective clothing before polishing the windshield, as splashes can stain you. Using polishing, you can remove scuffs from wipers, dullness and small scratches that clearly do not cling to the nail.Circle a marker with scratches and damage that you need to work on. This is necessary in order not to lose damaged areas under a layer of polish. Cover the entire car with film with the exception of the windshield and secure it with masking tape.

Dissolve the polishing powder with water before purchasing a creamy consistency. Fix the polishing wheel on a special polishing machine, fill the sprayer with clean water. Now you can begin the process.

Apply the cooked paste to the entire surface of the glass and begin to polish with a polisher. Do not allow polishes to dry, constantly break off and moisten the glass with water from the sprayer. After all the areas around the marker have been polished, use a paper napkin to remove the paste from the windshield. If all scratches are removed, clean the glass with a special tool and carefully rub it with dry wipes.

We polish the clock

New watches have absolutely transparent and even glass. But in the course of operation, over time, it acquires haze, minor scratches and abrasions and the question arises how to polish the glass on the watch. To do this, you will need a piece of felt or thick leather, polishing and toothpaste and mineral oil.

Apply a polishing mixture with a small amount of water on a piece of skin. Then remove the watch glass from the case and begin to move it in a wave-like manner along this surface. Then rinse and dry the glass. If the scratches are not completely removed, repeat this process from the beginning.


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