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How correctly to play in the Mafia?

If you often meet with friends and do not know what to do, then try to play the exciting and exciting game "Mafia". Its rules are very simple, but there are some tricks to help win.

How did this game come about?

The story of the game "Mafia", according to researchers, has its roots in 1986. What is surprising, came up with her Soviet student of the Faculty of Psychology, Moscow State University Dmitry Davydov.

At first games were held exclusively in university dormitories, but then, when students began to travel to different countries for post-graduate professional education, they spread throughout Europe, and then learned about the "Mafia" in other parts of the world.

And so, today it is one of the most popular, and entire tournaments are being organized, which are broadcast on television.

What is required?

To play "Mafia" in the company of friends will require a deck of cards (regular or special, having all the symbols) and the players themselves. The optimal number of participants is eight, but there may well be more.

If among friends there are those in whose honesty you doubt, then masks that do not let in light, for example, for sleeping, will also be needed. Then everyone will be sure that no one will look after anyone.

The essence of the game

The rules of the game “Mafia” are very simple. All players are divided into several categories, the most important among which are civilians and the mafia. Also in the game there are some other characters, and each of them performs its specific functions. But in the end, either the mobsters or the civilians must win.


In different variations of the game in the "Mafia" may be different roles. In the simplest version, there are only two categories: civilians and the mafia. You will also need a presenter who will comment on the course of the game, monitor the implementation of its rules, as well as announce intermediate and final results.

So, the roles can be as follows:

  • Civilians. They, in fact, do not perform any functions. Their main task is to find out who is the mafia and kills innocent citizens.
  • Mafia - the most important villains who kill civilians at night. Mafiosi may be two, three or even more, depending on the total number of players.
  • The doctor can treat the citizens killed by the mafia.
  • Putana or Fallen Woman - auxiliary character. This player spends the night with one of the participants in the game and thereby saves him from being killed if the mafioso attempts on him.
  • A commissioner or police officer keeps order and can arrest suspects in the killings.
  • Also in some versions there is a maniac. He can take the side of both civilians and the mafia, or simply play for themselves and defend their own interests. At night, he strangles people, after which they cannot speak, but communicate using gestures.

Game process

So, how to learn to play? It's pretty simple. The whole game process is divided into two main phases: day and night. At night, all the players perform their main tasks, and the day begins the discussion.

The main stages of the game:

  1. First, all players draw cards and find out which roles they will play. If regular cards are used, the sixes usually denote civilians, aces - the mafia. Kings may correspond to the roles of the Commissioner and the Doctor. Jack may be a maniac, and the lady - Putana. It is important that each player sees only his card, otherwise the meaning of the game is lost.
  2. Next begins the first day.Players can come up with names, get acquainted, and evaluate each other's behavior and even make first conclusions (but they will not be counted).
  3. Next comes the first night. Mafia representatives are waking up. They open their eyes, meet and make a choice. On this first night ends, because the rest of the characters can not yet guess who got what roles.
  4. Second day. Lead announces who was killed by the mafia. Further discussion begins, during which the suspects are identified, and the one chosen on the ballot opens his card and automatically leaves the game.
  5. The second night will be interesting, since all the characters are activated. The facilitator announces the participants in a certain order, and they perform their direct functions. First, the mafia does its "dirty business". Next comes the Doctor who treats the allegedly injured citizen. Now Putana wakes up and decides who will spend the night with. Then the Commissioner's turn comes, and he must imprison the one who is suspected of the killings. And then a maniac can wake up who chooses a victim and strangle her.
  6. Again the day. The host announces the events of the night.If the dead person was saved by the Doctor or Putana, his identity is not disclosed. If Putana is killed, her “client” is automatically killed. If the Commissioner made a mistake, the moderator should also not say who he thought was the killer, otherwise some cards will be revealed. The dead person leaves the game, then the discussion begins again. But strangled it does not participate, or rather, does not speak, but only gestures.

The game continues until either all the mobsters are killed, or the criminals outnumber the law-abiding citizens.

Discussion can take place under different scenarios. The easiest one is a general vote. That is, the players put forward their assumptions, consult with each other, explain their behavior, or justify themselves if they begin to blame. Then everyone votes, and thus it is decided who is the mafia.

Voting can also have some nuances. So, all players can vote by turns, while the leader will take into account the votes. But candidates may also be alternately nominated, and then the calculation will be simpler.

When the main suspect is identified, he can say his last words (this is not always allowed), and if someone changes his mind, he can change his voice.A candidate may be considered selected if a greater number of players voted for him or an absolute majority. Then he opens the card and leaves, and the game continues.

Subtlety and rules of etiquette

To make the game interesting, you need to take into account some tips and rules:

  • If the players could not decide on the suspect, and the two applicants scored an equal number of votes, the discussion begins again, then the players vote for only two candidates selected in the first round.
  • You can vote only for one player.
  • It is forbidden to disclose your role, then the meaning of the game will be lost.
  • Retired players must observe the course of the game silently and without emotion, without giving out other participants.
  • It is advisable to remove all players from each other so that they do not touch or feel movement at night, which is often confusing.
  • Do not peek, then it will be just uninteresting to play!
  • If after the distribution of cards one player found out the role of the other, then the cards will be retaken again.
  • You should not bet, swear, to attract religious views or principles. All must be on an equal footing.
  • During the game, closely monitor all the players, ask compromising questions and evaluate the answers to them and the reaction.
  • At night, all participants should behave as quietly as possible, since any movement may attract attention and cause others to suspect not the guilty, but the loudest players.
  • The presenter, while addressing the players at night, must keep his head straight so that participants cannot figure out the roles in the direction of his voice.
  • What is important is not the victory, but the process itself, because it is fascinating and interesting!
  • If you do not know how to lie, try to behave as calmly as possible. Probably you should practice it.

Be sure to try to play "Mafia" in a cheerful company!

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