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How to play sea battle?

Irina Fateeva
Irina Fateeva
February 5, 2013
How to play sea battle?

The game “Sea Battle” helps people to pass the time at lessons, lectures, lunch breaks or just in cold winter evenings for more than 80 years. During this time, many generations have changed, but the game is still relevant. Although it is being supplanted by more modern and dynamic computer games, today it is almost impossible to find a schoolboy who does not know how to play a naval battle and what it is all about. I will tell you about the rules of the game, and also describe the winning tactics. Consider how to play sea battle.

Rules of the game

The game field of each player is a 10x10 square, on which ships are placed. The field must contain numeric and alphabetic coordinates (vertically 1-10, and horizontally letters from a to k). For the classic game, four single-cell ships (submarines), three two-cell ships (destroyers), two three-cell ships (cruisers), and one four-cell ship (battleship) are used. They are drawn inside the square. According to the rules, ships should not touch.It is best to play on a piece of paper, because the drawing of ships is an encirclement of the cells. One deck - one cell. You can place ships both horizontally and vertically. Next to his square, the player draws a second, on which he marks "shots" at the enemy. When hitting an opponent ship, a cross is put on a foreign field. A player who gets hit makes another shot.


  • The number of ships does not comply with the rules
  • Ships are close to each other.
  • Changed field size
  • Invalid coordinates specified

Game process

  • Players decide who will walk first
  • The player performing the turn calls the coordinate on which, in his opinion, the opponent's ship is located. For example, square A1.
  • In case of a miss, the opponent must say “Past!”, When hit, “Hit”, “Ranil” or “Killed”, depending on the size of the ship.
  • The game continues until all the ships of one of the players are sunk.

How to win a sea battle

This strategy is one of the many options for building a battle. Its essence lies in the fact that all large ships (from two to four cells) are located in one corner of the field and as compact as possible. But single-celled ships are scattered over the rest of the field.As a result, your opponent will quickly find the grouping zone of large ships rather quickly and will mercilessly destroy them. At this moment he will feel like a real genius, but we know what the catch is. During the time that your opponent spends looking for small ships, you are likely to have time to understand his tactics and destroy most of the ships, thereby causing him to be nervous. The rest is a matter of technology. This article was about the rules, the process of the game and examples of winning tactics, how to win a sea battle. With the right approach, all of the above can serve as a good knowledge base for maximum enjoyment of the game.


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