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How to pinch cucumbers in a greenhouse

Accepted agricultural formuli cucumbers, when in the first 3-4 nodes of the lower leaves remove (dazzle) the ovary of flowers and side shoots, extends to puchkovye (bouquet) varieties. This procedure is done in order to:

- not to weaken the development of the whole future of the plant: small plants are not yet ready for fruiting;

- not to reduce the growth and formation of the root system;

- do not delay the receipt of the first Zelentsy, as they grow very slowly in the lower nodes.

Another rule. Removal of stepsons is carried out at an early age, when their length does not exceed 3-5 cm. More powerful stepchildren draw food from cucumber plants, weakening their growth and delaying the time for obtaining early cucumbers.

In the future, the formation of lead in one stem. It is on the main stem will be the main return of the harvest greens. This means that after 3-4 leaves with the growth of the main stem, one or two leaves and a flower ovary are left. Everything else is removed or plucked.

When the plants reach the top trellis, their whips are let on a horizontal wire. The length of the whip on the wire depends on the thickness of the landing, light. Then pinch the main whip, leaving on it one sheet at a time.

Of course, experienced borage easily cope with the formation. But often because of the wild growth of cucumbers go out of control. It is important that the harvest be glory, and the plants have enough light, there is no thickening, which leads to fungal diseases and the appearance of insect pests.


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