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How to pay for the light?

Payment of electricity is a mandatory payment, which should be carried out every month, in order to avoid problems and fines. But, as it turns out, it is not enough just to pay for the light, you also need to correctly fill out the receipt.

Filling out a receipt

As a rule, electricity is paid for receipts that come by mail to those who live in apartment buildings. In some cases, the subscribers receive the receipts independently in the department of the energy sales company. Residents of private homes pay for electricity with the help of a subscription book.

Usually, the receipt and payroll sheets are only partially filled. Therefore, before you pay for the light, you need to enter some data. The following fields are filled in by yourself:

  • Subscriber. In this line should enter the number of the personal account, which can be found on the crust of the payment book.
  • FULL NAME. Here you need to specify the name and initials of the owner of the apartment, even if he does not live in it;
  • Address. In this line it is necessary to write down the street, house, apartment, building numbers;
  • Date.In this box indicate the date, month and year of payment;
  • Indications. Here you should enter the data from the meter. It is worth knowing that the current consumption is represented by the last 4 digits on the dial of the device. In addition, this column should include the meter readings that were taken last month. They can be found on the last paid receipt. Information for the previous period and current readings must be written through a slash.
  • Consumption or kW. This column indicates the amount of electricity consumed over a certain period of time. To calculate the consumption of electricity consumption, it is necessary to subtract from the consumption for this month the meter readings for the previous one.
  • Amount to pay. Here you should enter the amount of payment. In addition, it is easy to calculate the amount. To do this, it is necessary to multiply the power consumption by the current tariff, which should be clarified on the website of the power sales company, in the bank, by mail and other organizations. It should be noted that such columns as “subscriber”, “full name”, “Address” are filled only in the book, while all personal data are printed on the receipt.

We pay for the light

Today, there are many organizations in which you can pay for electricity. But the question of where to pay for the light still remains relevant, since they all have their advantages and disadvantages. You can pay for the light at the nearest post office. The operator should give a receipt or a booklet, and after checking the accuracy of the data the employee makes a payment. He needs to take part of the receipt or his / her book with a cash voucher on it.

You can pay for electricity in any bank. The scheme of calculation is no different from the scheme in the post office. In addition, you can pay for the light through an ATM, in the presence of a plastic card, which you need to insert the card into the slot by entering the PIN code. After that, select the menu sections: “Payments” - “Payment of utility bills (utilities)” - “Payment of electricity”. In the most recent section, enter your personal account number and payment amount. You can also pay in cash. To do this, insert money into the bill acceptor. “Roots”, payment books, checks from ATMs must be kept, because if you have any problems you can prove that you paid for electricity.


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