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How to pass an interview?

It often happens that we need to give interviews for various newspapers, for television, as well as when applying for a desired position. These types of interviews have certain differences that need to be considered. How to give an interview to a journalist? In this case, the interview is an opportunity to convince a journalist with various arguments, to impress with knowledge and wit. Most often, journalists are chasing opinions and views on certain things. Thanks to the interview, you can promote a product, clarify some aspects about it, so that customers are aware.

Attitude to the journalist

Often, people are embarrassed during an interview, but it’s worth remembering that a journalist just finds out your opinion and different information. A conversation with a journalist is not interrogation with passion, here it is worthwhile to have a friendly dialogue, but remember that journalists can write down any word of yours at a favorable point of view. Of course, the journalist has a richer interview experience than yours, but remember that you are an expert in the topic under discussion.Journalists themselves rarely know all the questions in a deep perspective, because they have to know many topics. You can succeed in an interview if you:

  • Calmly answering questions;
  • Do not delve into the ridiculous comments;
  • Correct incorrect statements;
  • With a calm voice, you ask about the sources of the facts that the journalist brings;
  • Use exact phrases;
  • Insist on your point of view, despite the fact that the journalist is trying to confuse you;
  • Do not allow yourself to relax until the end of the interview;
  • Do not go on about their excitement;
  • Well prepared for the interview;
  • Do not use special and incomprehensible terms;
  • Always remember that a journalist is talking to your clientele.

Never let a journalist provoke you, retain your natural charm and sense of subtle humor, then success in any interview for a newspaper or television is guaranteed.

Interview when applying for a job

How to pass an interview when applying for a job? Not always a solid resume and a great store of knowledge is success in applying for the desired vacancy. A very important aspect is the interview, which must pass with success.This is a kind of psychological duel: if you and the employer can find a common language, both sides will benefit. Be sure to prepare for the interview with the employer:

  1. Consider the correct answers to the questions that are always asked at the interview;
  2. Be prepared for unexpected wording of any question. The main thing here is not to get lost, but to collect thoughts and give a decent answer;
  3. Prepare various examples that you have certain qualities that are necessary for the job;
  4. Inquire about the company, where are going to triple. If you can show off your knowledge of the new lines that the company produces or of the advertising it is planning, this will add you a plus;
  5. Show your interest in working in this promising company;
  6. At any interview, pick up a business style of clothing, even if the company does not have a strict dress code. So you immediately position the employer to yourself and to your serious approach to work.
  7. Being late for an interview is a definite failure. Consider the exact route and better come to the place in advance.

Psychological aspect

In the interview process, the psychological aspect of behavior remains important. Often luck accompanies not only those who have many positive qualities, but also those who were able to correctly position the interlocutor (employer) to themselves. It is worth remembering a number of recommendations:

  • Try to look into the eyes of your interlocutor during the dialogue;
  • Do not try to chew gum or touch items on the table at the employer;
  • Your goal is to calmly convince the employer that he needs you to do a good job;
  • Ask counter-questions at appropriate times;
  • Never argue - it will lead to failure. Remember that in this situation the employer will always be right.

If you can follow all these tips, then you will not have problems in how to pass an interview of any nature with great success. Remember that your preparation and willpower will give a good result!


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