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How to paint wallpaper?

Today, more and more people prefer wallpapers for painting as wall coverings. And it is completely justified, because it is very easy to paint wallpapers, and this kind of decoration is practical, and even very economical with the right choice of materials. There is one more thing that bribes people who are starting to make repairs - there are very different wallpapers for painting, and even the most demanding person can find a drawing to his liking. And if the design of the walls get bored, then the wallpaper can be easily repainted, because most types of this material is designed for painting from 5 to 15 times. But not everyone knows how to paint wallpaper. Let's figure it out.

The choice of wallpaper for painting

To date, the market of building materials can be just an incredible amount of a variety of wallpapers for painting. Most often for painting choose glass cloth, vinyl, paper or non-woven wallpaper. Each of these species differs not only in price, but also in quality and function. So, fiberglass is the most durable and easily painted material, and paper wallpaper is the cheapest of all kinds, but at the same time it is considered the most versatile.What wallpaper to choose - you decide, a little later we will tell you how to paint the wallpaper for painting of a particular type.

What paint to paint wallpaper?

The second thing to buy at the hardware store is paint. For painting wallpapers, waterborne paints are most often used - acrylic, dispersion or latex. They do not have a long-eroding odor, environmentally friendly, and also quite economical when used properly. Water-based paints can be glossy or matte. The first option is good when you need to emphasize the textured pattern of wallpaper, as well as to form a resistant coating. Matte paints should be preferred when you need to hide uneven surface areas.

Preparing the walls for decoration

Before you can enjoy the completely new interior of your room, much more needs to be done. So, the first thing to do is to prepare the walls for pasting wallpaper. To do this, you need to remove the old wallpaper. By the way, they will be nice to move away if they are slightly moistened with water beforehand. All irregularities should be covered with putty, so that the walls are smooth, otherwise there will be bumps and hollows unpleasant to the eye. All heating radiators, window sills and furniture should be covered with paper or plastic.And on the plinths, cornices and frames stick construction tape. After that you can start painting the wallpaper.

How to paint wallpaper: step by step instructions

The first thing to start is to stick the wallpaper. We already wrote about how to glue wallpapers in one of our articles - “How to glue wallpapers?”. The only condition that must be remembered if you glue the wallpaper for painting - you must patiently wait until the walls are completely dry. Otherwise, a layer of paint may smudge. As a rule, the wallpaper is completely dry in 12 hours. Painted - go to sleep in another room!

After the wallpaper is completely dry, you can start painting. If you are using glass wall paper, then it is advisable to prime them before painting, paper and non-woven wallpaper should not be primed - they should be applied in several layers.

Paint the wallpaper is best roller, and you can use the spray. After you dilute the paint, it is worth checking that it was exactly the color you wanted. It is best to start the wallpaper from the walls, which are covered with furniture - if something goes wrong, the “jambs” will not be noticeable. It is more convenient to paint the general surface of the walls with a roller, and the joints with the plinth to bypass beauty. And finally, it is best to start painting from the ceiling, so drops of paint will not spoil an already painted area.

How to paint non-woven wallpaper?

The first thing you need to know when painting this type of wallpaper is how you can paint non-liner wallpapers. And the answer is quite simple - water-based paint, like other types of wallpaper. The only thing that is important to remember is that you can not use oil paint or on a solvent. It can break the structure of the wallpaper. Flizelinnovy wallpaper allows you to experiment with the process of coloring. So, for example, you can paint the wall, and only then begin to glue the wallpaper - the color should turn out pretty saturated.

Another way to paint is to apply a layer of paint evenly, then run a soft cloth over the surface, then apply another layer, but with a darker or lighter shade. So you will achieve volume.

How to paint vinyl wallpaper?

Painting vinyl wallpaper is a bit like painting non-woven. So, there are two options. The first is to paint the wallpaper from the inside, and after they are completely dried, glue on the wall. The second way is to first glue the wallpaper, then paint it with a very thin paint from the outside. What can paint vinyl wallpaper? The answer is quite simple - all the same water-based paint.By the way, acrylic paints are best suited for vinyl wallpapers.

Paper wallpaper, fiberglass wallpaper is the easiest to paint - just stick the wallpaper and paint them with a roller on top, as described above. Are you still thinking about whether you can paint the wallpaper? Answer what you need! After all, you can change the color of the room almost every month, and the process of decorating is very simple, which is a big plus.


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