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How to overcome coughing in public transport

You will need
  • - peppermints
  • - saline solution
  • - medical bandage
  • - essential oil of eucalyptus
  • - a small piece of cotton fabric
When coughing, caused by a cold, for half an hour before the intended trip in transport refuse from the use of drugs with expectorant effect. It is better to use mint flavored cough drops.
A common cause of coughing is mucus from the nasal cavity flowing down the back of the nasopharynx. Clean your nose before going outside: blow your nose or wash it with saline. To prepare the solution, use one teaspoon of salt per 150 ml of warm boiled water. Buy the smallest pear and rinse each nostril alternately, with its head tilted to the side of the sink.
Buy eucalyptus essential oil. Make a small bag of cotton fabric (to fit in the palm of your hand).Take a small piece of foam rubber and put 3-5 drops of oil on it, put the foam rubber in a bag and tie it tightly. If you want to cough, bring the bag to your nose and take a deep breath.
It happens that a cough is caused by dust particles from your clothes or excess powder on your face. Do not forget to clean the fur on a winter jacket or wash a scarf. When using powder, brush off excess paint from a brush or apply powder to a face that has been pre-moistened with a cream.

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