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How to open your PI in 2017

You will need
  • - passport;
  • - copy of the passport;
  • - receipt of payment of duty;
  • - certificate of tax registration;
  • - application for state registration as an entrepreneur.
Make sure that there are no legal restrictions for individual entrepreneurs regarding you. You must be 18 years old, your capacity should not be limited by the court. If you are a member of state or municipal service, you cannot be an entrepreneur.
Fill out the application forms for state registration as an individual entrepreneur. The form of the form bearing the name P21001 can be taken at the tax authority at the place of residence or found on the website of the tax service of your region. Make a handwritten application using a black ink pen or fill out a form on a computer and then print it.
On the appropriate page of the application form, enter the pre-selected activities for the All-Russian Classifier (OKVED).These data will be the basis for conducting certain activities that you are allowed by law. Keep in mind that each activity falls under a specific taxation system.
Choose a taxation system that you will use in your business. Most often, individual entrepreneurs choose the general regime or a simplified taxation system. You can go through this stage after registration, but it is much more convenient to determine the method of calculating taxes at the application stage.
Contact the tax authority at the place of your registration and get the requisites necessary to pay the state fee. Pay the fee at any branch of Sberbank and attach a receipt to the application. Include in the package of documents also copies of the certificate of receipt of the TIN and your passport. You will present your passport when submitting the documents.
Submit the generated package of documents to the tax inspector responsible for the registration of individual entrepreneurs. Within five working days, the tax authority will process all documentsafter which you will receive a certificate of registration as an individual entrepreneur and a corresponding extract from the state register.
With the received documents, please contact the territorial office of the Pension Fund, where you will be registered and notified of the amount of mandatory contributions. After that, you have the right to open your bank account in the bank and start business activities in full.

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