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How to open dmg?

Evgeny Lukashenko
Evgeny Lukashenko
May 31, 2012
How to open dmg?

All files that have the .dmg extension are disk images created on the Macintosh operating system (Mac OS). In the Mac itself, opening files is easy: double click on the image and it is launched. And what to do with dmg, than to open it to users of other platforms?

In principle, the dmg format is not intended for use on Windows or Linux. Therefore, the dmg format than open, usually not looking. And if they are looking, they find the following ways / alternatives to use Mac.

First of all, we use logic. How to open a dmg file, knowing that this is a disk image? Naturally, the program operating images. UltraIso (www.ultraiso.info) is considered to be the best in this business on Windows. Try to mount the image as a usual Windows ISO, most likely it will help. Though not every time :)

Let's complicate our task, let's go up a level: disk image - what is it? This is by and large archive.

7-zip will help us! - a great free archiver, so with its help we can easily scratch the dmg image! Most likely, again, no one gives guarantees ...

Now we know how to open dmg. Tell your friends!


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