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How to open a stationery store

You will need
  • 1. Premises on the first floor of the building (own or rented)
  • 2. Designed corporate identity, signboard and showcase, designed in accordance with it
  • 3. Set of commercial equipment
  • 4. One or two sales assistants in the state
  • 5. Package of constituent and licensing documentation, registered cash register
  • 6. Business relations with suppliers and manufacturers of office supplies.
Come up with a name and find an idea to decorate your stationery store, and then assign to designers the development of corporate identity based on it. The solution is easier to find if the outlet will specialize in one of the two main areas of this market - selling stationery for the school or selling stationery for the office. If you intend to work with both categories of goods, then it is worth emphasizing the idea of ​​a “department store”, a universal stationery store.
Order commercial equipment, accurately calculating the volume of goods that you will receive, and appreciating the area that you have. If your idea extends to the opening of a network of branded stationery stores, then the equipment for the first outlet is best done using the corporate identity. If such a pleasure is beyond your means, limit yourself to standard solutions for economy-class retailers (you can even second-hand).
Collect a package of constituent and permitting documents and keep the documentation in perfect order - in case of verification. From this point of view, there is no particular specifics in the sale of office supplies - you will need the same permission from the fire inspectorate, the same permission from Rospotrebnadzor as the owners of any other stores. You will also have to register a sign and a shop window, which are considered by the city authorities as outdoor advertising.
Begin to build relationships with manufacturers and suppliers of office supplies. The products of both domestic and foreign manufacturers are presented on the market, so the work methods will have to be used differently, be prepared for this.Having received the first batch of goods, and having hired at least one or two sales assistants for a start, you can safely begin trading.
Helpful advice
Over time, try to ensure that your store is widely represented as a product designed for the mass consumer (produced mainly in the countries of Southeast Asia), as well as elite stationery products of famous European brands.
In order not to endure unnecessary losses, think over and implement the anti-theft policy of your store, because stationery is just that kind of goods that you can just take with you without paying.

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