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How to open a sales department

Analyze market conditions in your area. Decide on which product your specialty willDepartment. Note that when openingDepartmentand for the implementation, for example, of alcoholic beverages, it is necessary to draw up additional documents and licenses.
Choose a mall that provides its premises for rent. When choosing a center, be guided by the demand for your products in this area of ​​the city, the presence of traffic intersections, its proximity or remoteness from the city center. If you will trade in, for example, home appliances, decide what is best for you: settle in a mall specializing in goods of a similar type or openDepartmentin a hypermarket where you can buy goods of different directions.
Make a business plan for your future venture. Consider in its preparation all the numerous overhead costs that are inevitable when a new case is founded.
Open a bank account.Register with the tax authorities IP or LLC, depending on what type of products you are going to sell. Get a certificate of registration, an extract from the USRN or Incorporation, statistics codes and register the seal of your organization in the MCI. If necessary, obtain all licenses and certificates.
Rent a room in the mall for the futureDepartmentand the storage compartment. Familiarize yourself with the general rules on trade rules in this center. Agree in advance with the management on the rental of advertising space in the center. Check with the manual the contents of your signboard.Departmentand, having first asked whether it should be designed in the same style for the whole center or can be ordered according to an individual sketch.
Purchase all the necessary equipment or rent it from the owners of the shopping center. Purchase a batch of goods. Manufacturers of many types of goods supply together with products and proprietary equipment with company logos. This will help you save on the purchase of goods, but the placement of such equipment must be coordinated with the administration.

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