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How to make wings?

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How to make wings?

Butterfly or angel wings can be an excellent complement to a carnival costume or children's attire for a matinee. Such wings look very interesting, but not everyone knows how to make them at home. Now we will tell you how to make butterfly wings, angel wings and decoration wings.

Making butterfly wings

  1. You will need to find at least four old wire hangers or a lot of strong and thick wire. It will be necessary to make 4 wings - 2 will be located on each side, at the top - large wings, at the bottom - small ones.
  2. All hangers or wire need to straighten. Then form the first large wing. To do this, take a wire or a hanger and bend it in the form of an oval (like the wings of a real butterfly or dragonfly), and fasten the ends to each other, leaving some wire free to attach to other wings. Similarly, you need to make a second large wing. In order not to be mistaken in size, you can attach a new wing to the already prepared one and check that they match along the contours.
  3. When big wings are ready, you need to make small ones. Small wings will be the same shape as large ones, only they will need less wire.
  4. Now the wings need to be interconnected in the center, for this just use additional pieces of wire that you left on each wing. Even to secure the wings, you can tie a rope or tightly wrap tape.
  5. Stretch a white stocking on each wing, cut off an extra piece from the stocking and tie it in the center. If you want colored wings, then take stockings of other colors.
  6. Now we need two long and wide ribbons that match the wings in color. With these ribbons you will hide the knots in the middle of the wings. It is necessary to tie them carefully around the center of the wings and tie in such a way that the knots are not from the outside, but from the inside, the one that will come into contact with the back. Check that both ribbons have free long ends - with the help of them, the wings can be tied to the shoulders and abdomen.
  7. In general, the wings are ready. If you want, you can decorate them. The edges of the wings can be covered with glue, and then sprinkle there spangles. You can do embroidery on the wings, place in the center of the wings outside some decorating element, etc.

Such wings are suitable for a butterfly costume, and for a fairy costume.

Making angel wings

How to make angel wings with your own hands? Consider two options - the first is simpler, the second is more complicated.

Method number 1

  1. Take a thick wire or old wire hangers that need to be straightened. Form angel-shaped wings from hangers or wire.
  2. Now take a thin tulle, attach to it the frame of the future wing and cut the tulle by 2-3 cm. More frame along the contour. Now you need to bend the tulle on the wrong side of the wing along the contour and sew it. This operation must be done with both wings.
  3. Now take the remaining tulle - from it we will make the plumage. Divide it into two equal parts. so that the plumage is the same on both wings. Then cut into thin long strips, and on one of the two long edges of each strip make a large fringe. It will be necessary to round out the fringe itself - it will be more like wings.
  4. The finished fringe, folding a little to get the volume, you need to sew fringes down the wings to the wings. Try to sew strips close to each other so that the wings are larger and more beautiful.
  5. When both wings are ready, join the wings together.You can use the wire, which then will need to hide a piece of tulle. At the end, sew ribbons to the middle of the wings, on which the wings will be attached to the body. If desired, you can also make a halo.

Instructions of this method in the photos you can find here.

Method number 2

  1. Take a large piece of thick cardboard, draw on it the shape of a future wing and cut along the contour. Then cut the wing attach to another piece of cardboard and cut the second wing.
  2. Artificial feathers should be purchased in advance; they can be bought in designer stores. Now take the glue and carefully stick the feathers one after another onto the outside of the wing first. You need to start to glue the bottom, gradually rising to the top of the wing. Each new row should go a little overlap to the previous one - it will be more beautiful and more natural. When gluing all the feathers on the outside of one wing, proceed to gluing the feathers on the same side of the other wing. Then the feathers should be given time to stick well to the cardboard, and then gently turn over, stick the feathers in the same way from the inside of the sides and also give the feathers a good stick.On the seamy side, leave some space (at the junction of the wings) for the rectangle, which will be glued later.
  3. If desired, the wings can be painted from a can of gold or silver paint. When painting, be sure to work in a respirator, and then let the paint dry well.
  4. Now you can gently put the wings on a flat surface to his inner side. Cut a neat rectangle out of cardboard, attach long ribbons to it, with which you will tie your wings to your body. Then this rectangle needs to be firmly glued from the wrong side to the place that you left for it. Wings ready!

Making decoration wings

On the eve of the New Year, many families are starting to invent home-made decorations and toys for the holiday tree. This decoration can also be small cute wings. Make them easy: you need to take a beautiful fabric (you can any color), draw on it two wings of the desired shape. Wings can be made bound or separate. In case the wings are tied, you will need to sew less.It is necessary to draw the outlines of future wings, then cut them with an additional indent of 5-7 mm. After this, it is necessary to cut the second side of the wings, then sew both halves together from the inside, leaving a small hole. Then the product needs to be turned from the seamy side to the front one, ironed and stuffed with soft material (for example, cotton wool). After this, the hole should be carefully sewn up and a small loop should be sewn on top of the wings in the middle, with the help of which the wings will be attached to the Christmas tree.

Now you know how to make wings with your own hands. Choose any of the ways you like and start creating!


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