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How to make shuriken?

Shuriken is a hidden ninja weapon. Varieties of this weapon there are a large number. Shuriken can be in the form of a star, a square or just a round shape. Such devices are cold weapons, so before you learn how to make a shuriken, you should take this fact into account and not use this weapon in the future to cause harm. Also, do not use shuriken for fun, to fool around, as the risk of self and other damage is very high.

Shuriken can be created from paper, various types of metal and wood. You can make yourself such a weapon from improvised means, for example, from a regular disk. There are many ways to make shurikens. The most difficult but interesting is the creation of a metal shuriken.

We will need the following:

  • Metal plate. You can choose any, but it is best to take the "stainless steel", because it is well treatable and practically does not deteriorate. The thickness of such a plate can be from 3 to 5 millimeters;
  • Drill;
  • Hacksaw (for metal);
  • File;
  • Stone for sharpening blades.

A method of making shuriken

Before you make a metal shuriken, you need to make a blank from a metal plate. To do this you will need a little patience and the ability to draw smooth lines. Lay the plate, spread it into as many pieces as you need vertices. We will make a star shuriken or hira shuriken. There are at least three such vertices, but maybe 12 as you please. You can choose the average, draw on 6-8 vertices. In the middle of the future shuriken, you can make a hole for better weapon dynamics, but you can do without it.

If you decide to make a hole in the center of the shuriken, use a drill, and when the hole is ready, file it with a file to make an even circle.

Take the drill to make holes on the perimeter of the shuriken. They are necessary to make it easier to work with the workpiece file, doing the contours on a metal plate. Now use a hacksaw for metal to remove excess metal and get a full star. Take the file, they need to make clear shuriken outlines. Treat them to the stars from the middle to the ends.

If you need to know how to make an 8-point shuriken so that it is a full-fledged weapon for throwing, you need to sharpen the rays of the stars. Take a stone to sharpen knives. You can also use the "skin" to give the shuriken more streamlined, to remove small protrusions on the metal. It is necessary to sharpen the rays only at the ends on one or both sides.

Safety regulations

Wear gloves when putting on a shuriken. In no case can not work with bare hands. It is also worth being careful when working with a drill; a drill bit can “chew up” a glove or a sleeve of clothing.

Use glasses to prevent metal fragments from falling into your eyes. Throw a shuriken gently. The shuriken star is a dangerous weapon that can be seriously injured to yourself and others.


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