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How to earn at 12?

Arslan Avanesov
Arslan Avanesov
January 18, 2013
How to earn at 12?

There are several very affordable and safe ways to earn in a 12 child. Consider the most common ones:

  • Babysitter: At 12 years old, a child is already quite serious and responsibly takes his responsibilities. Parents who go to the theater, restaurant or just to work, can easily entrust the kids 12-year-old. You can be sure that the children will have a great time together.
  • Parent Assistant: Everything is somewhat similar to the first option. However, the main task of the child is not only to look after the babies, but also help their parents. A 12-year-old child can be entrusted with many small assignments that will not make it difficult for an assistant and make your life easier.
  • Household Cleaner: It’s time for parents of a 12-year-old to think about paying for their assistant’s work. The family budget does not ruin it, but the child will be pleased to realize that parents appreciate his work. In addition, it will help develop in your child more attention and responsible attitude to the work being done.Homework is always relevant and its list is not limited.
  • Seller: During the summer holidays, the question of how to make money at the age of 12 years is most relevant for schoolchildren. Then you and free time, and the desire to work hard. In this case, you can find the vacancy of the seller of soft drinks or ice cream. The work is not difficult, and the hours spent in the open air and communication with people will benefit the young businessman.
  • Autowasher: Each of us, for sure, saw brisk boys offering to wash your car in 5 minutes. By bringing a company with friends, your child will be able to both earn at the age of 12, and have fun and have a good time.
  • The author of school works: Well-read and literate schoolchildren always have the opportunity to offer classmates services for the performance of essays, reports and essays. Having your own computer with a printer and knowledge of the material are sufficient conditions for this kind of work.

In general, work in childhood is not only an opportunity to receive the necessary amount of pocket money regardless of parents, but also an excellent school of life. In the positive sense of the word. Work will teach the child responsibility and commitment to success.He learns easy communication with people, so that in the future he will be able to achieve incredible success. In addition, the work definitely adds confidence in itself and its capabilities, which is an indisputable plus.


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