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How to make friends dogs?

Dogs perceive the owner's house as their property, and will always fight those who encroach on it. But sometimes it may happen that you need to bring another dog or cat to the house. To save the nerves and prevent a large-scale war, it will be necessary to solve the problem of how to make friends with the dogs, that is, correctly introduce them to each other.


  • It will be good if the dogs meet in neutral territory until they live in the same house. It will be great if they can play with each other, as the game leads to friendship.
  • If this is not possible, then a new dog is brought into the house carefully. You can make an attempt to introduce the animals immediately. This is when both sides are not aggressive. After dating, let a new dog come around and look around.
  • If your dog has aggressive behavior, then you should close it in another room and only after that introduce a new dog into the house. This will give your dog to get used to the new smell, and the new - look around.
  • Then with the help of an assistant, you can try to introduce the animals. You will need to take your dog by the collar and bring it into the room, where in the same way the helper will hold the new dog. Dogs should be given a sniff and do not forget to praise them. If everything goes well, then you can gradually weaken the insurance of animals for collars.
  • If the behavior of the dogs relative to each other remains aggressive, then hold them in different rooms for several days. During this time they will get used to someone else's smell and find contact with each other more easily.
  • If this option does not help, then let the animals sort out the problem on their own. How to make friends dogs in this case? To do this, put them in one room, but be ready to intervene at any moment. The dogs themselves will find out who will be the main without causing injury to each other. After that, one of them will have to become subordinate to the other.
  • In the process of "grinding characters" between them there are possible conflict situations that eventually disappear. Do not forget that in the house you are the master, therefore all quarrels should be stopped by a strict shout.
  • Distribute caress evenly.Do not forget your dog if you iron the reception. Otherwise, the struggle for your attention may be the main cause of conflict situations.

How to make friends a cat with a dog

  • If you brought a cat to the house, then in the first 3-4 days you should keep them in different rooms so that they do not see each other, and only “hear the smell” of the new animal.
  • Feed them should also in different rooms. So the smell of a stray animal will be positively associated with food, which will contribute to schooling.
  • After some time, arrange the first meeting, before which you put a collar on your dog. If the dog throws itself at the cat, then it is necessary to give a strict “fu” command, and after it sharply jerk the leash upon itself. However, you should not do it too harshly so as not to collapse the neck of the dog. You just need to show her that this can not be done.
  • Let the animals stand opposite each other for a while (at an acceptable distance). If the dog is not already angry, stroke and praise him, while not forgetting to resolutely stop any aggressive attempt.
  • The dog will be jealous of you to the cat, if you stroke it. If the dog is "outraged" - again punish him, if calm - encourage.
  • Some time later, go to the cat with the dog and stand next to her. Let the dog sniff the cat. After the situation has stabilized, someone from the household should take the cat in her arms, and after that give her the opportunity to walk around the room.
  • The dog must be seated. If she stood up, then you should take her to where she was sitting and give a strict command to "sit."
  • Over time, the dog should calm down and stop responding to the cat. At first it is necessary to constantly monitor their communication and intervene in the conflict in time.

It is a mistake to think that to solve a problem, how to make friends of two dogs or a cat with a dog, is possible only with the help of punishments. In everything there should be a measure. It will be better if another animal will cause positive emotions in your dog - the feeding process and the master's caress.


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