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How to make cotton candy?

Alexander Bobyr
Alexander Bobyr
January 28, 2013
How to make cotton candy?

So, now we will be engaged in the manufacture of dishes, which, I think, you have not prepared at home. You have long been interested in the question of how to make cotton candy at home? Following our instructions, you will cook cotton candy, which is made by professionals.

Component collection

At first, we collect all the necessary components, items, namely:

  • Forks (you can use Chinese sticks or a whisk).
  • Half a glass of ordinary water.
  • One and a half cup of sugar.
  • One - two drops - vinegar.
  • The dishes in which we will cook it will suit a pan or a frying pan.

Careful when choosing a holder for our sweet dish. It does not matter what you take for this, since it can be a fork, a whisk, sticks or something similar, the main thing is that the chosen object is perfectly kept in an upright position.

We make syrup

After solving the problem with the holders, go to the sweet syrup. Stir the water, sugar and add some vinegar (a couple drops).Do you want to make color cotton candy? No problem. Just add some food coloring to the sugar syrup.

We take the mixture, which we left, and pour it into the previously prepared dishes. All use different dishes, but more often, it is a pan or frying pan. Heat and continuously interfere.

We need to bring our mixture to a boil. After all, remove the dishes from the heat, cool and heat again. So 4-5 reps. Your syrup should be golden, but not dark brown. At this stage it is necessary to continuously monitor our "mix". After you have done everything that is written above, you will have a rich golden mass, which will be great to reach.

Cotton candy without an apparatus

Now we learn how to make cotton candy, while not using the apparatus. Dip the fork into the hot syrup, and begin to stir it in a circular motion, using a prepared holder. Your goal is to wind the sweet threads onto the holder. Do this, as long as you do not come out in terms of real cotton candy.

As soon as your cotton wool is fully prepared, do not rush to throw out the remnants of the syrup.Just chop your frozen syrup into pieces, and you will have sweet candy for children. We are convinced that your loved ones will appreciate your efforts that you put into making cotton candy. And let you not everything will come out the first time, the main thing is the skill, which comes only with experience.

We warn you that the sweet threads are very hot. In the process of making cotton candy to avoid problems, it is better to prohibit your little kids from entering the kitchen.


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