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How to make cosmetic repairs in the room

Sketch the room

This important step will help form the basic idea of ​​the interior and create a detailed plan of action.
Do not worry: if you do not own a computer program for building three-dimensional images, simply print a photo of the room and apply tracing paper. Armed with pencils and felt-tip pens, select the color and texture of the walls and ceiling, experiment with different shades. Would you like to get a cold-colored room or warm? Bright or muffled? Uniform or pied? Determine whether there will be ornaments in the room, estimate their scale, character and rhythm.
Perhaps, at this stage, you will want to make a small rearrangement of furniture, pick up new curtains or furniture covers. The sketch will help to understand where it is necessary to add an accent, having bought a floor lamp, an armchair or a carpet, and where it is necessary to dilute monotony with a poster or a bookshelf.

Prepare room for redecoration

Take out all the furniture or move it to the center of the room and cover with foil.
Prepare all repaired surfaces for painting or wallpapering. Clean the ceiling and walls from old wallpaper, having previously soaked them with a spatula. If required, also remove the old paint with a spatula. Reveal cracks, irregularities and dents. Prime the surfaces.
Remember that it is necessary to carefully prepare the surface for painting. It may be necessary to apply the putty more than once, and in the end - be sure to polish with an emery paper (dry method) or a sponge (wet method).
If the ceiling and walls are supposed to be renewed with plasterboard sheets, plywood, plastic panels or other applied elements, it is enough to make sure that the surfaces converge clearly at right angles and do not require careful leveling using the level and rule.
Remove the decorative frames from the sockets, remove the baseboard. Sand windows, door leaves and window sill with sandpaper, putty and glue if necessary.

Act boldly!

Repair surfaces according to the sketch.
Paint the ceiling and walls with water-based paint or acrylic paint. For the application of decorative plaster, use special formulations. First, practice, look for a pattern, fill your hand - this is a difficult type of finish!
Begin to paste wallpaper with a corner, watching the pattern coincidence. Be sure to cut the canvas a little longer, because room parameters may have errors. Unleash the imagination! Try also using stencils, interior stickers, various combinations of textures, collages.
When finishing the room with panels, calculate in advance their number and draw the layout plan. Stick all materials with special glue recommended by the manufacturer.
The lack of ceiling plinth is chic. If your qualification is not enough to smoothly adjust the wallpaper - close the joints.
Redecoration does not imply the replacement of floors, so you can only upgrade parquet floors, cleaning them and covering them with varnish. But to replace the plinth with a new one is a must!
Doors, windows and window sills, if necessary, paint.Doors can also be pasted over with a bright film, put on ornaments. Do not forget to paint and heating appliances! Or close them with decorative grids.

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