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How to make butter at home?

Irina Gromyak
Irina Gromyak
January 30, 2013
How to make butter at home?

When we come to the store, naturally, we want to buy quality products, without additives, dyes. We just want a natural product. Sometimes in stores it is simply not there, and sometimes it is very expensive. This also applies to butter.

Worth a try

If we need natural butter, then it can be made at home. How to make butter at home? Our grandmothers, who lived in the village, used to constantly make such a product at home. They had no fixtures for this. And now, when our kitchen appliances went ahead in their development, it is very easy to make butter.

If you decide to take the milk in the store and make butter from it, then do not waste time, it will not work. The most ideal option would be the one when you take the village cream. They need to cool, and then pour them into the dishes combine harvester. Turn on small turns and whip until it is clear that the fatand this is our oil, it is not separated from the liquid, which will also be in the glass. The liquid is called buttermilk. It should be carefully drained in a jar, put in the fridge. Use buttermilk when preparing yeast dough, it will be very lush.

Now put the butter in a bowl and fill it with very cold water. So wash three times. Flakes of oil that float in water, spoon everything together in one lump. Then we give this lump the shape we like. It will be good to throw it in the bowl a little, so that it beat against the bottom of the bowl, excess water will break out of it.

So, how to make homemade butter from the cream, we already know. And if you take the village milk? Can. In this case, put a jar of milk in the fridge. Having stood for 10-12 hours, the same cream is formed in it under the lid. We take a spoon and carefully remove them. We continue to work on the same technology that was described above.

Some more tips

Before pouring the cream into the container of the mixer, pay attention to the fact that it was not complete. If they are poured at the very top, then the buttermilk can pour out from under the lid.

You can store homemade butter in the refrigerator.And if you are in the country, where there may not be a refrigerator or on the road, then the best option for storage would be cold water.

It happens that not every house has a combine with a mixer or it is broken. Then, our grandmothers did this. They took a liter jar, poured half a liter of cream in there, covered with a lid and kalatali. This happened until oil was obtained. Then everything happened according to the same technology as from the mixer. And the grandmothers from their experience could tell how to make homemade butter. Check it was very tasty. Now we have the opportunity to try a real natural product.


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