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How to make bouquets?

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How to make bouquets?

Beautiful and original bouquets of flowers are the most important decoration of the interior of any room. Without flowers, it is difficult to imagine any holiday, be it a wedding, birthday or graduation party. And, of course, flowers are one of the most pleasant gifts. Therefore, the answer to the question of how to make bouquets is interesting to many people.

Currently, bouquets are made not only from natural flowers, but also from candies. Such candy compositions are in high demand. But in this article, we still talk about how to make a bouquet of flowers.

If you decide to make a bouquet with your own hands, then you will need not only fresh cut flowers, but also patience, fantasy, as well as knowledge of some simple rules.

How to make a bouquet

  1. Flowers used to create a bouquet should be the same color scheme. Then the bouquet will be tender and very beautiful. If you use flowers of contrasting colors, then your bouquet will turn out too motley and lurid.
  2. Combine in your bouquet different in size and shape types of flowers. From such a combination, the bouquet only wins and is more original than when using the same type of flowers to create it.
  3. Place more pale or smaller flowers around the edge of the bouquet, and place bright or larger flowers in the center. Framing a bouquet of large inflorescences and leaves should not hang down much.
  4. Be sure to use as an ornament of your bouquet greens. This may be a palm leaf, a sprig of asparagus (herringbone). At the same time, remember that greens should only emphasize the beauty of flowers, and not close them.
  5. The bouquet will look much more interesting if you use flowers with different stages of dissolution, starting from a fully blossomed flower and ending with a dense bud.
  6. Try not to knock down the flowers in one “pile” in a bouquet, but place them freely.
  7. Bouquets to create look more natural, which flowers of different heights use.

If you think that you do not have enough knowledge how to make a bouquet - a video in which the whole process is shown in detail with the smallest details will help you with this.Find such a video can be easily on the Internet.

Starting to create a bouquet, you should decide where and in which vase it will stand. Agree that a huge bouquet placed in a small vase or standing on a small table will not look very beautiful. It is also not necessary to place a bouquet of flowers with long stems in a low vase.

How to make a bouquet of roses

Choose to create a bouquet of roses with long and even stems. Cut the spikes off them. Leaves should also be removed, leaving them only on the upper third of the stem. At about the same height on each stalk, roses are tied with a ribbon bow that matches the color of the flowers.

Place the largest roses in the center of the bouquet, and on the edges form them with buds and small roses. Try to place the roses so that their heads are in different planes. At the same time pay special attention to the largest and lush flowers somewhat towered above the common plane of the bouquet, and also looked in opposite directions, and not at each other.

Available in a bouquet of emptiness, fill with small, suitable in shape and color, flowers or decorative greens, leaves.

How to make a gift bouquet

Before you begin to make a gift bouquet, consider the peculiarity of the upcoming holiday or celebration.

If the bouquet is made for the bride, then it should be not only delicate and elegant, but also should be in harmony with the look of the bride, and especially her dress.

On Valentine's Day, a beautiful gift for your beloved will be a bouquet of bright red flowers, decorated in the shape of a heart. Beads, ribbons and sparkles can be used to decorate it.

At Easter, it is best to create a low floral composition that has the shape of a wreath. Painted eggs are painted in its center.


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