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How to make a portfolio class?

Olga Izvekova
Olga Izvekova
April 23, 2013
How to make a portfolio class?

A portfolio is a folder with documents and information telling about the skills, achievements, and interests of its owner.

In our time, portforlio has become part of the learning process. Now every student and teacher has a portfolio. In addition, a portfolio is drawn up for the whole class.

Class portfolio

Let's talk about how to make a class portfolio.

  • The class portfolio is usually made by the teacher, attracting pupils to it.
  • To create an album is taken with plastic files. It is desirable that the album cover was dense.
  • The title page of the class portfolio must be beautifully signed, indicating the class and year. On the cover you can put a joint photo of the class and the class teacher, or make a collage of photos.
  • On the first page is a photo of the class.
  • The list of students with contact details - the phone numbers of their parents and the students themselves.
  • A list of students with community responsibilities that they perform in the classroom.
  • A diagram showing the structure of class self-management - into which groups the class is divided, and what functions they perform.
  • Next, you must arrange one or two sheets for each student, indicating in them:
    • date of birth
    • family members of the student (parents, grandmothers, grandfathers, sisters, brothers)
    • their profession, place of work of parents and their contact details
    • residential address and home phone number
    • should be emphasized if the family is large or requires special attention from the school
    • in which clubs or studios does a child attend after school
    • what are the special achievements of the child in school
  • The next section is devoted to plans. It is best to compile it in the form of tables, where the time, duration and subject of various electives, competitions will be indicated. A separate list of various entertainment programs - contests, celebrations, birthdays, etc.
  • The next part of the portfolio can be devoted to achievements in learning. Here you can tell about the participation of students in various competitions and competitions, pin up copies of certificates received for participation.
    Class Portfolio: Achievements
  • Next, a class sports achievement section is created.There may be certificates, photos of cups received by students, as well as photos from competitions or simply from physical education classes.
  • Section on the social activities of the class. This is a story with photos from work days, duty and other events.
  • Hobby students and their achievements. Here you can find photos of works, drawings, embroidery, information on participation in music competitions, etc.
  • Joint recreation and entertainment - the story and photos from joint parties, concerts, excursions.

In general, we described how to arrange a class portfolio. At will it can be added by other sections.


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