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How to make a gauze bandage?

March 29, 2013
How to make a gauze bandage?

I remember a lot we were told at school on life safety about this very cotton-gauze bandage. Now, with a grin, you remember how an old teacher, a participant in more than one war, inspired us to tell us that a cotton gauze bandage would save you from a cruel death in a nuclear strike. One could naively think that he would save for a long time ...

How to make a gauze bandage

In the 21st century, the relevance of gauze bandages began to rise imperceptibly. Gauze dressings can be found in the subway and buses, not to mention the hospitals and schools. Humanity has reassessed values, and health has taken a leading position on this scale. Therefore, a gauze bandage has ceased to be an accessory that spoils the image, but, on the contrary, is a sign of an intelligent and highly educated person who cares not only about his health, but also about the health of others.

How to make a gauze bandage at home with their own hands from improvised means?

  • We take a piece of gauze with a length of 40-60 cm and a width of 30-50 cm. You can iron for convenience.Now add this piece of gauze over the entire length several times. More precisely, we put in strips with a width of 10-15 cm (it depends on the required surface area of ​​the face) in several layers. Again, take the iron and iron the entire length. It should make one stripe the length of the entire length of the gauze taken.
  • The resulting strip fold in half to find the middle of the bandage. From the center of the mask itself, we postpone the same number of centimeters in both directions. This distance should be equal to the distance from one to the other ear on the surface of the face, and it is individually for each. It is necessary to indicate this distance with a pencil or pins.
  • Then we take the ends of the workpiece and cut them with scissors along to the pencil line or pinned pins to get 2 strips of gauze on both sides. They can be sheathed with threads or stitched on a sewing machine so that the edges are not sprinkled. These will be the gauze mask strings.
  • Now we apply our gauze blank to the face. Bands of strings, which are at the bottom, must be tied at the back of the head, and the upper strings at the neck level. If surpluses of strings are found after setting up a comfortable knot, they can be cut off so that they do not interfere. Gauze bandage is ready.

How to make a cotton-gauze bandage

How to make a cotton-gauze bandage, I think it will be quite clear if you managed to make a gauze bandage. In this case, cotton wool is put between the layers of gauze, evenly distributed on the face of the mask and the other operations are repeated. There is nothing complicated. There would be a desire. Or unwillingness to get sick with influenza or ARVI during the rampant epidemic. By the way, for creative people a gauze bandage is also an occasion for creativity: you can embroider a flower on the mask or kiss gentle lips.


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