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How to make a gate and a garage from a professional flooring with your own hands

Decking has won great popularity in construction. The construction of the gate and the garage out of it does not require large material costs. They are easy to assemble and durable. The professional flooring wins among other materials still due to the fact that there is a wide variety of its colorings on sale. Metal sheets serve about forty five years, they do not need frequent coloring and leaving as are covered with special polymeric structure.

How to make a gate from a professional flooring with your own hands?

The gate from a professional flooring needs to be installed on basic columns which are carried out from a brick or from metal pipes. A light foundation is made under the brick columns. If pipes are installed in the pits, then their depth must be at least one meter. Pits filled with concrete. After the supports are installed from pipes or a corner, the metal frame of the gate is welded to the required size. Loops are welded to it and to the posts. A lock is installed on the frame.Using self-tapping screws, the professional flooring is attached to the frame, and in the place where the lock is fixed, a hole is made for the key (the hole is also made in the support or the corner). Next, the door handle is installed, then the gate is hung on the support, after which an inspection of its operation and further operation is carried out.

Construction of a garage made of corrugated DIY

The construction of the garage must begin with the device foundation, which can be made of tape or columnar. The floor in the garage can be made of concrete. First, a metal frame is erected, the supports of which are installed and filled with mortar during the construction of the foundation. After installing the supports around the perimeter of the garage under construction, cross pipes (corners) are attached to them with self-tapping screws. Next to the frame are installed with self-tapping screws profiled sheets. The distances between the uprights of the frame should be equal to the width of the metal sheets, which will simplify the installation work, there will be no need to cut them. You can arrange the sheets overlap each other. To eliminate scratches on the sheets of corrugated sheet, under the screws you can install rubber gaskets.In order to better fit the joints of sheet material, they must be fixed with rivets. Garage of corrugated (if desired) is insulated with mineral wool or other insulation. It can be made with a single or gable roof. The most simple - shed. On rafters made of pipes or corners, you need to secure the sheets with self-tapping screws. Further, all joints must be sealed sealant. Garage can be built quickly. With one or two assistants, he will be ready in two days.

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