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How to make a drop-down list in Microsoft Excel

How to make a drop-down list in Microsoft ExcelOne of the most well-known and frequently used computer programs in our time is Microsoft Excel. It includes many useful functions to help you perform various actions. To most effectively use this program in the work, it should be studied as best as possible. This article will discuss how to make a drop-down list in Excel.

Why do you need this feature

First, let's see what is a drop-down list and why it is needed. Many users in the process of working in the application there is a need to prescribe the same data in several cells of the sheet. To optimize this process and save time, the program allows you to create drop-down lists.
This function is simply indispensable if you need to fill the cells with certain data and at the same time avoid errors or extra spaces.

How to make a drop-down list in Excel


Method number 1

As mentioned earlier, the creation in the program of such a list helps to avoid errors in the process of entering values ​​in certain cells. Make a drop-down list is not difficult, but before you have to prepare a list of data that will be used for input. This information must be entered in any column of the sheet.
Let's take a closer look at this process using the example of Excel 2010. We will make a list that represents a numeric range. This data will limit the entry of values ​​into the selected cell. Take the simplest example - creating a drop-down menu on a single sheet of a document.

  1. First, enter numeric values ​​in the bar. Then place the cursor on the field in which you plan to place the drop-down list. The next step, open the tab called "Data", find there the item "Work with data" and the sub-item "Check data". By clicking on the arrow, you will see a menu that contains an item with the same name. Clicking on it with the mouse will open a window. In this window, select the tab "Settings" - here you will need to configure the validation of values ​​for input.To do this, in the "Data Type" column, select "List" and move the cursor to the "Source" field. Then select your numeric range with the mouse.How to make a drop-down list in Microsoft Excel
  2. As a result of the work done while the selected cell is activated, an arrow will appear on the screen. By clicking on it, you will see a drop-down list of valid values ​​from which you can choose the appropriate one.How to make a drop-down list in Microsoft Excel
  3. If necessary, you can make certain tips on the drop-down menu. While hovering the cursor on the desired field will be displayed a message about what you see in the list. In order to make such a hint, in the menu item “Check data” open the item “Check input values” and select the tab “Message for input” in it. Enter the required information in the appeared fields.How to make a drop-down list in Microsoft Excel


Method number 2

Now let's learn how to make a drop-down menu in the program if the data column and drop-down list are located on different sheets of the same document. For this you need to do the same steps as described above, but during the selection of valid values, simply go to the desired sheet and select the desired column there with the mouse.
How to make a drop-down list in Microsoft Excel
If you are not looking for easy ways, you can use a more sophisticated method.The range of cells on another sheet can be called by some name. To do this, they must be selected with the mouse, in the top menu open the "Formulas" tab and in the opened window select the item "Assign name". In the field that appears, you must enter a suitable name.
How to make a drop-down list in Microsoft Excel
How to make a drop-down list in Microsoft ExcelAs you can see, making a drop-down menu is not difficult if you perform all the actions correctly. We hope our recommendations will help you in this process and facilitate the work with the program.


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