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How to make a dress out of the package?

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How to make a dress out of the package?

How do you find such materials for clothes: paper, newspapers, bottles, bags? It is hard to imagine that from all this you can create something like, for example, dresses. However, many designers have long picked up this original idea and created a lot of masterpieces from these materials. Today we will also be in the role of fashion designers and try to make a dress from garbage bags on our own. Of course, this outfit is not for every day, but for a costume party, Halloween or carnival - just right!

Making dresses from packages: ideas

First consider the easiest option. Take a strong package of 120 liters. For strength, you can put two in each other. Cut from the bottom of the hole for the neck and on the sides of the hole for the hands. Bend and sew the edges on a typewriter. You can leave this dress - at the bottom it is easy to tighten using strings. And you can go further - to make it longer by stitching a piece of polyethylene, also sew a belt from black fabric, which can clasp the waist to give a grace to the figure.To dress did not look boring, decorate it: sew lace, artificial flower, beads or rhinestones, you can also decorate with polyethylene of a different color.

You can make an original dress using a shirt for the base. To her need to sewdressskirt of small bags. For example, around shirts, you can sew bags from under crackers, milk, chips, candy, etc., and then just sew new rows over the previous ones, until you get a skirt of the desired length. You can do it differently: make a skirt out of a black garbage bag. For example, several packages can be folded to end up with a fluffy skirt, stitch them together, and then sew to a T-shirt. At the edges of this skirt can be decorated with black lace.

Finally, you can sew a full dress from the packages. For this, quite dense packages will be useful. Take as an example one of your favorite dresses, make a pattern on it, which will serve as the basis for creating a dress from bags. Cut out the details of the future dress, not forgetting the seam allowances, and then sew them together.


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