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How to make a cheat sheet?

The eternal student question - how to fool around the entire semester, and not to screw it up on the exam? The option "quickly learn everything" is not considered, because it is not always realistic, appropriate and accessible. Most of us prefer to approach this issue on the other hand, in the run-up to the control frantically exploring the topic of how to make a cheat sheet. The benefit of many years of experience and modern achievements can offer many options.

So how can you make a cheat sheet? There are lots of ways, there are even special classifications - depending on your needs and possibilities. To begin with, let's learn: the teacher is the same person, often much smarter, more experienced and observant than the student, and he knows exactly how to make an imperceptible cheat sheet - in most cases, they will notice your cheat sheet for an exam or test, very soon whether he will inform about his awareness or not is already a matter of your personal luck, his mood and attitude towards you. So ideally, even if you can make a good cheat sheet, take care in advance of the teacher's favor or, at least, his neutrality to you.

In addition, the creation of a good cheat sheet and its successful application requires the implementation of a number of recommendations. First of all - at least at this stage, do not be lazy, make the spurs themselves - it will be easier to navigate in them; record only the main information - dates, numbers and formulas, “water” is not allowed here; structure your answers in a system that you can understand; use a cheat sheet only when you don’t know the answer at all - there’s no need for any extra risks.

Each student has his own opinion on how to make a cheat sheet on the exam, just as the student will find ways to make an invisible cheat sheet for the exam. Let's try to unify this knowledge, mentioning the most effective ways to make a cheat sheet unnoticed.

Conditionally crib can be divided into three types:

  • Paper ink- the most common cheat sheets used by our parents. These include the actual cribs - you can write them in small print by hand or make a cheat sheet in Word with a font of about 5 pt and print, as well as bombs - a special type of “ready” cheat sheet when the answer text is written on a previously prepared piece of paper and is replaced during preparation.In the application of these cheat sheets are used "spy" and "arrogant" methods.

In the first case, you need to take care to quietly hide the leaf and exclude the possibility of its detection by the teacher - this will help pockets, lining, belts, cuffs, wristbands, socks, shoes. It has been experimentally established that up to 50 crimped cribs are inserted into socks comfortably. When creating such cheat sheets, it is worthwhile to develop a system for arranging the answers - it is important to remember where everything lies in order to quickly and easily find the right one.

The “impudent” method is to give out a cheat sheet or a bomb prepared in advance for an innocent object — a draft, a pencil case, a ruler, a vial of valerian or a bottle of water — and thus calmly place it in front of you without hiding it from the teacher.

Bombs are prepared in advance and are full-length sheets with answers supposedly "just written" during the exam - no printers, only pens. It happens that a special paper is issued for the exam even for drafts - then you should try to get it in advance (if there is no such possibility - the bombs are not for you, look for another option).If you are allowed to use your paper - write boldly. Experience shows that in this case it is better to take A5 leaflets (half A4) - they are easier to roll up and hide, there will be no such jams, as is the case with exercise book. It is convenient to hide under a jacket or in large pockets of jeans.

  • Electronic devicecheat sheets are becoming more common, this includes audio tips and visual cheat sheets. The way with the earphone is more convenient for girls to use - it is difficult to notice it under the hair, and if that can always be disguised. Here you will need a friend with a textbook and a phone that will read out the answer (the number or wording of the question can be sent to SMS, whisper on the Hands free). Reading from a mobile screen is possible only with the loyalty of the teacher - no matter how hidden, the phone is usually noticeable. If the exam course allows the use of a calculator - this is a great reason to use the phone.
  • Wearable Spursas the name implies, stand out into a separate group based on their location. You can use your hands under your sleeves and your legs under your skirt in the hope of a teacher's modesty, and recently they often write the necessary information with a helium pen on nails.Modern design of clothes makes it possible to make jeans or a t-shirt with hints without much damage to the image - it is unlikely that the teacher will carefully read the inscriptions on your clothes, and everyone will find an old thing that you don’t want to paint with the same helium pen. Of the rare extreme cases, written bandages and gypsum on real or imagined injuries, wide bracelets and rings, and wristwatches with “tweaked” dials were noticed.

Of course, there is still a sea of ​​options for the design of cribs, and it is impossible to describe everything. Invent, create, decide - and luck will be on your side.


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