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How to make a career?

Now there are quite a lot of people who have been working in the same company for years without ever getting the coveted career advancement. But the young energetic newcomers, who have worked in the company without a week, already occupy higher positions in a few months. What is the secret of their success, and why so many career losers? You will find the answer to this question yourself after reading our article.

Let's think about how you can make a career? Careers can be made quickly (with a combination of positive signs and good luck), slowly or not at all. Our task is to learn how to make a good career as quickly as possible.

How to climb the career ladder


Remember that they meet on clothes, and escorted by the mind. Popular wisdom also operates in this area. If you dream of becoming a boss or director in the future, you should always keep a brand. Strict business style, but modern, with the right accessories - what you need. No need to dress in a standard black suit and white shirt.The option is good, but already become familiar! Today, you can find a variety of outfits for business people. Look at them and choose the most suitable. Try also to express your style to be different from others.

How to behave

Business behavior is an indispensable trump card for someone who wants to make a career. Learn how to work in a team with colleagues, set the right distance with them. Do not kowtow, lisp, try to please everyone, but you shouldn�t sit with a straight face either. Openness, respect, attention, goodwill, a bit of healthy humor, adequacy, ability to communicate and logically express your thoughts - this is what should certainly be in your arsenal.

Quality of work

Professionalism - perhaps the most important thing for someone who thinks how to make a career. To achieve great heights, you need to become a professional in your business and prove it to your colleagues, and especially to your boss. Constantly study, engage in self-education in your work area, use new approaches and methods of work. You can analyze the work of those professionals who are doing the same as you.Identify the shortcomings of their work, draw conclusions. Determine the best in their work and try to use it in yours.

Self expression

The ability to show yourself. Even if you are a talented worker from God, observe business etiquette and do your job in good faith, this may not be enough. Sometimes you need to be able to advertise yourself. But this must be done wisely. You should not boast of your higher education if it does not give any positive results in your work. Better in your conversation with your boss, briefly mention the new method that helps you do the work quickly, efficiently and effectively. Naturally, your words must be proven in practice. If you have any suggestions for improving the company's operations, do not be afraid to talk about them. This happens not so often, so the boss will remember. And when he thinks about whom to appoint to a new position, you will probably be on his list of candidates for the desired position.

Ability to behave in non-standard situations is another important feature. You must be firmly self-confident, outwardly calm, tell the truth and be able to defend your point of view, if that makes sense.Due to such qualities a person looks strong in the eyes of others. Be able to adequately respond to disputes and criticism. If you are not sure of your victory in the dispute, simply agree with the opponent. If you receive adequate criticism of your work, listen to it and think about what and how you can fix it. If this criticism concerns you personally, it is easier to ignore it. No need to snap back, start up gossip about the offender or try to justify. Remember that from any situation it is necessary to leave adequately.


Keep your reputation. If you want a boss position, recommend yourself as a reliable, intelligent and responsible person. No need to upload candid photos to social networks for sharing. Always keep promises. Do the work diligently and on time. Bear responsibility for your actions and decisions, etc., the list goes on and on.

Making a good reputation is difficult, but losing it in a few seconds is worth nothing. The man who once failed, in the chief's chair will not be allowed.

Woman and career

How to make a career woman? Unfortunately, a stable stereotype has developed in our society regarding the personality of a woman and her mental abilities.To break it, you need to do all of the above in the last column with a double zeal. So you will earn a name for yourself, make you respect yourself and take into account your opinion.

To all the above, a few more recommendations can be singled out for women:

  1. Always keep yourself in hand. Whatever happens at home, no matter how badly you feel after another quarrel with your beloved, etc., this should remain outside the office. At work you work. If the situation is critical or not strong enough to keep yourself calm, gently ask your boss for time off. There should not be hysterics, tears, raised tone, capricious demands, etc.
  2. Do not talk a lot about their own and others' personal lives. Who will be interested - they will ask. And you will already decide what and how to respond in this case.
  3. If you want to say something about the work in the male company, wait until everyone speaks out, and then calmly state your point of view.
  4. Maintain with colleagues, even if they are of the opposite sex, good working or friendly relations. Think about it two hundred times before you have an affair at work. The result may be deplorable both for you personally and for your reputation.

What to do if the old company works easily and the team is good, but it is not known whether there will be a career growth, and the new one immediately offers a promotion? Hard to say. Listen to your intuition and heart, and she will tell you to go to a new place or stay on the old one. And our recommendations on how to make a career will surely help you anywhere!


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