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How to make a butterfly?

Thanks to modern materials you can make a butterfly of extraordinary beauty, which will be the highlight of any interior. Especially beautiful is a butterfly made of wire and nylon fabric. Before you make a butterfly, you need to stock up on the necessary materials. You should buy a flexible wire, colored cardboard, rhinestones, metallized thread, beads, sequins and gel-based glue.

Making a wire butterfly

The first step is to create a butterfly belly. To do this, you need to put a large bead on the wire, then you need to bend a piece of wire 0.5 cm long and pull the bead to the edge so that both ends of the wire pass through its hole. It is necessary for the bead to hold tight and for the wire to form a small loop. Next, you should bend the wire about 5-6 cm from the bead toward the head of the butterfly and twist it tightly around the straight part of the wire. The belly of the insect is ready.

Now, to make a butterfly with your own hands you need to form wings from wire. Their shape can be oval, triangular or leaf-like.Upper wings need to be made larger than the lower. To do this, it is necessary to close the wire, and the end wound on the frame of the wing. The excess wire is cut off with special scissors or pliers. Then you need to fit a nylon frame of the wings. To do this, assemble the caprone at the base of the wing with small basting stitches, pull off and secure the thread. Excess nylon fabric should be cut off. Then the wings are glued to the abdomen on the reverse side with gel glue. They can be carefully glued using tweezers or sew.

After that you should put a small piece of wire in a loop located on the head of a butterfly, place it in the middle and twist the head twice. Next you need to take two identical beads and drop a little glue into their holes. Then you can wear beads on the ends of the wire, in the end you should get a mustache. At the end, you need to sew a pin or a hairpin on the inside of the abdomen. The butterfly is ready. If you do not quite understand the technology, then on the Internet you can find a video on how to make a butterfly, and watch it several times to make it clearer.

Making a butterfly from a plastic bottle

To make a butterfly from a plastic bottle, you need a half-roll bottle, scissors, tape, nail polish, glue and rhinestones. On the bottle should be hand-drawn or using a stencil to draw a butterfly, and cut it with scissors. After that, you need to paint the insect with nail polish, as your fantasy tells you, and decorate it with rhinestones. Instead of rhinestones, sparkles or beads are quite suitable, but if you don’t have them at hand, then you can get by with varnish and sparkles. So you can attach your butterfly, on the back of her calf should stick scotch tape. That's all your butterfly is ready, and it can be easily attached to a cupboard, door or refrigerator. A similar scheme can be applied by replacing a plastic bottle with cardboard, only in this case, gouache or ordinary paints can be used instead of varnish. Now you know how to make the butterfly itself and be able to decorate your interior with these beauties, which will revive it and add novelty.


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