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How to make a bouquet of candy in the frame?

Materials and tools:

- sweets with coconut crumb "amapola";

- chocolate sweets "Autumn Waltz";

- scissors;

- transparent packaging;

- satin ribbons (pink and mint colors);

- silk ribbon;

- fabric for curtains (green, pink, white tulle, tulle, soft felt);

- frame for flowers;

- thread and needle;

- glue gun;

- small scotch;

- floristic wire;

- ribbon;

  1. First we take the frame for the flowers. Cut a long rectangle out of the cloth for the curtains. We bend the edge of the fabric on the frame, sew it to the frame from the inside, making folds. The end of the fabric is sewn to the beginning of the fabric, we cut off the excess fabric.
  2. We take the thread and insert it into the needle. We make folds on a silk ribbon and sew. We measure the length of the silk ribbon along the frame. Then we sew a silk ribbon to the frame.
  3. We bend the satin ribbon in the middle and bend the remaining edges in half, we get “ears”. From below insert the wire and fix it to the tape.In this master class, 5 pairs of “ears” from a wide pink ribbon and 7 pairs of “ears” from a mint-colored satin ribbon are used.
  4. Cut into squares from different colors of fabric for curtains and from transparent packaging. Wire the same amount as the candy brand "Autumn Waltz". On the wire we make an eyelet so as not to pierce the candy. Transparent packaging wraps candies brand "Autumn Waltz", from the bottom we substitute the wire with an eyelet and fix it on the tape. Bottom of sweets we dress a square from a material tulle (tulle, soft felt), we fix on an adhesive tape.
  5. The amapola sweets with coconut crumb are an inexpensive substitute for raffaello sweets. They are also in a separate package. How many amapola candies are needed just as much. On the wire we make a loop and turn it down. Turn over the candy and apply glue, put the wire and wait for the glue to harden. Putting candy on the wire and doing the same with all the candy. From below we wear a “skirt” made of tulle material (tulle, soft felt). Can be fixed to the glue.
  6. We take in our left hand a frame for flowers, hold the leg, and with our right hand we insert candies in turn into a bouquet. Between candies we put satin "ears".We tie a bouquet of sweets on a ribbon. We correct the bouquet of candies so that all candies are on the same level. For strength, we fix on the tape.
  7. The next step is closing the leg of the bouquet. Cut off a small piece of durable fabric, substitute a bouquet of chocolates at the foot, wrapping it bottom-up. Tie a ribbon. For the splendor of the bouquet, we cut off another 2 or 3 rectangles from the fabric (tulle or felt), we substitute it to the stem, we fasten it. Tie a satin bow on top. Cut the tulle, a little longer than the stem of the bouquet.

The bouquet from candies is an analog to flowers. This is an unusual bouquet for a wedding, birthday, anniversary, child birth, March 8, February 14 and other holidays. Unlike flowers, he will please the long time of its owner.

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