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How to make a bouquet for an autumn wedding? (11 pictures)

Autumn is a great time. And if the wedding should take place at this time of year, then the choice of accessories should be approached with special care. And what could be an autumn wedding bouquet?

Color spectrum

Autumn, especially early - this is a beautiful and gentle time, so that the colors of the bouquet should be warm, romantic, soft and noble. The most suitable tones are orange, yellow, red and burgundy.

It is in such shades that autumn leaves are colored. But some others will also be suitable: wine, eggplant, beige, purple, raspberry and some others. In any case, the tones should not be too bright, “acidic”, because nature is preparing for sleep in the fall.

By the way, since autumn pleases us with diversity and an abundance of colors, we can combine several tones at once, but not too contrasting ones, preferably related to the same range. For example, it will be interesting to look a combination of burgundy, red, orange, yellow and beige.

What to make?

What flowers to use? They can be very different. You can pick up the usual and enjoying all the fall grades or any other, but certainly appropriate colors.

In addition, florists recommend for autumn bouquets to choose not too complex flowers of rounded forms. And since saturated tones visually reduce objects, it is better to give preference to large specimens, since small ones can simply be lost or merge with each other, which will make the accessory blurry or too motley.

In the autumn wedding bouquet for the bride can include the following flowers:

  • Dahlias are bright and truly autumn flowers. They are very lush, so they are suitable for creating bulk compositions. Another plus of dahlias is a wide variety of warm colors. And if you pick a few, then you can not use other flowers.
  • Sunflowers are large and bright flowers that will make the accessory sunny and bright.
  • Cellosia - an unusual flower, suitable for creating original compositions. His many velvet petals are fully consistent with the autumn theme.
  • Carnations.There are a variety of shades, so that you can use several.
  • Protea is gentle and unusual. It is better to supplement it with other more neutral and simple colors.
  • Chrysanthemums will add volume and make the bouquet more romantic and tender.
  • You can also use saturated and deep tone asters.
  • Elegant and autumn look noble roses. But it is worth choosing the tones characteristic for this time: burgundy, tea, coral. In addition, roses should be quite large and fully bloomed.

In an interesting autumn bouquet can include not only flowers. Add berries to the composition, for example, viburnum, mountain ash, cranberries, dogrose, lingonberry, sea buckthorn, hawthorn. It is advisable to use round and not too large berries.

And you can include whole branches in the composition, it will symbolize abundance. You can also use fruits, in particular apples of autumn varieties. And still fit vegetables. The brightest and truly autumn is a pumpkin. But, of course, you should use the smallest pumpkins.

Leaves will be an interesting solution. But it is worth choosing interesting, bright and unusual forms, for example, oak or maple.Spikelets surrounded by flowers, fruits or berries can become an accent of the bouquet. Also there are autumn bouquets consisting only of spikelets.

Do I need greens?

From greenery it is better to refuse, since in the autumn in nature it practically does not occur. If you still plan to decorate a bouquet with branches, it is advisable to choose the most simple and not too bright. They may be swampy, pale green or dark green. From screaming tones, such as light green, it is better to refuse.

Instead of greenery, you can use spikelets, they will be interesting to complement the flowers and frame the bouquet, as well as symbolize wealth.

The form

Since the autumn bouquet will be very bright and stand out due to saturated colors, its shape should not be too complicated and unusual, otherwise the accessory will attract all the attention to itself, and the bride's attire will remain almost unnoticed. A bouquet will look like a sphere or a ball.

A bold and bright decision would be a small basket. Extended forms should be avoided, as well as multi-tiered tracks. The "leg" of the bouquet should not be too long.


How to decorate the autumn bouquet? In general, in any case, it will look very bright, including on wedding photos, so additional decor is optional. But you can use the tape.

It is advisable to give preference to saturated tones, such as red or burgundy. White ribbons can break the autumn harmony, like beads. And the more bright rhinestones, stones and other similar elements are all the more better to give up.

If you want to “dress” a bouquet, then for these purposes it is best to use fabric, and preferably as simple and dense as possible, for example, flax or even cloth.


Some tips:

  1. It is advisable to make a bouquet just before the wedding, so that it looks fresh and bright.
  2. Do not expect a bouquet of bright aroma, autumn flowers often have a subtle or tart smell.
  3. Autumn bouquet will be better combined with an elegant A-line dress, fish-style, or made in the Greek or empire style.

Let your autumn bouquet be bright and will surprise everyone!

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