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How to make a beautiful snowflake?

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How to make a beautiful snowflake?

Traditionally, snowflakes are made of paper with scissors, but you can also use other available materials to create a small masterpiece, which later will fit perfectly as an elegant handmade gift.

In this article you will learn how to make unusual snowflakes with your own hands.

Beautiful and simple paper snowflakes

Materials and tools:

  • A4 or A5 sheets;
  • scissors;
  • glue.

Instructions for making:

  1. If you have A4 sheets, cut them in half. For one craft you will need both halves or 2 sheets of A5 format.
  2. From the rectangle you need to make a square and fold it diagonally. The resulting triangle once again fold in half.
  3. From the base of the triangle you need to cut a wedge so that you have petals with arched sides.
  4. On each petal you need to make along 2 cuts. They should be in the form of an arc, make them reach almost to the edge of the base of the workpiece.
  5. Expand the craft and the middle part of each petal tuck and glue the snowflakes to the middle.
  6. Repeat the steps for the second A5 sheet.
  7. Glue the two halves of the rear surfaces crosswise, and you get an eight-pointed volumetric snowflake.

Paper stripes snowflake

To make such an ornament, you will need strips of paper of any density. To make the craft more durable, you can take a more dense sheets. In addition, taking the paper in different colors, you can create interesting rainbow snowflakes. They are made like this:

  1. Cut the sheet into 12 strips 1 cm wide and 20 cm long (you can increase the length and the width of the blanks in proportion to it - in this case you will have a large snowflake).snowflake
  2. Take 2 strips and put them crosswise and glue them in the middle. Add two strips horizontally and vertically on both sides of the main ones. Glue them.
  3. Glue the corner stripes in pairs by turning their edges 90 degrees. Do not fold, then the craft will have volume.
  4. Make another of the same shape and glue the two parts back surfaces, turning one relative to the other at an angle of 45 degrees.
  5. Glue the free strips to the corners of the adjacent petals and cut off the excess.

Snowflake from toilet paper tube

An interesting idea to create a beautiful snowflake from unnecessary things. Even children of preschool age will be happy to make such snowflakes.


  • reels of toilet paper;snowflake
  • office knife or scissors;
  • glue;
  • spray paint;
  • beads, rhinestones, ribbons for decoration.

Manufacturing procedure:

  1. Take a roll of toilet paper and cut it into rings of the same thickness with a clerical knife.
  2. Fold the ring in half and glue together the resulting petals.
  3. Paint the snowflake in any color and decorate it to your liking.

Button Snowflakes

Surely, you have accumulated a large variety of various buttons for many years, make of them original Christmas-tree decorations.

In addition to buttons, you will need material for the base, choose what you like best:

  • ice cream sticks;snowflake
  • wire;
  • fishing line
  • pieces of fleece or felt.

Ice cream sticks glue crosswise to make 8 or 12 rays, just cut the stars out of the fabric. Glue the buttons to them in a symmetrical manner and be sure to make a loop for hanging.

With the help of wire, you can make a frame on which buttons are successively mounted.

If you have experience of weaving from beads, it will be easy for you to create a beautiful craft using buttons or beads that are tightly woven over the fishing line.

How to crochet a snowflake

Use for knitting the remains of any yarn and a hook of a suitable size:

  1. Dial 9 air loops and connect them with a semi-column into the ring.
  2. Tie 20 crochets into the ring. Also connect the row with a semi-column.
  3. Dial 4 air loops and in the first column without single crochet knit 2 columns with two single crochets. Dial 2 separation air loops, skip the second column without a single crochet, and in the third, knit 3 columns withsnowflaketwo nakida Continue this way through one column without a single quota to the end, connect the row.
  4. In the third row, knit in each column of the previous row 2 columns with one double crochet. Separate the column groups with two air loops.
  5. The fourth row is knitted with double crochets in each loop of the previous columns. Between groups of columns - 3 separation loops.
  6. Dial 4 air loops and tie 6 columns to three naquids without making a separating loop between them, then tie 5 air loops.In the middle air loop of the previous row, insert 6 columns with three naquids, dividing them by 3 six air loops. Continue the pattern to the end of the row.
  7. Cut the thread and finish knitting.
  8. Wash the finished snowflake and starch.

You can come up with a snowflake pattern, the most important thing is to create a picture that looks like rays. As a result, you will get crafts that you can hang on the Christmas tree or decorate their room.


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