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How to live life?

Let's find out what needs to be done in life so that it is long and most importantly - happy, and how to live life so that later at the end of your life you will not suffer from lost opportunities. Of course, this will seem to someone an incredibly difficult task, especially to those who believe that the old saying �living life is not a field of passage� is mostly true. However, there are ways to significantly simplify your life and significantly improve its quality. We will talk about them.

How can you live your life

Many will answer: in different ways. Of course, but better good. Recall our movie: "To live, as they say, good" and a response line: "And to live well is even better." There was meant the material side. But who prevents to combine all parties in such a way that they do not interfere, but complement each other?

Let's start with your desires. No, not from what you want at the moment (ice cream, new decoration or a new mobile phone or car, computer, etc.), but from global desires. These desires can be different: someone has a family, someone has a good interesting job, bringing some income,someone has material enrichment, someone has power, someone has self-realization, someone has health, etc., etc. This list goes on and on. We are also interested in why these desires are not realized. You see, in order for something to be realized, you need, firstly, to want it very much, and secondly, to devote a large part of your time (with an emphasis on �o�).

I will not answer you the question: �How can I live my life?� How can I? You can only answer it yourself, but I can tell you how you can achieve what you expect from life. And the main point here is a strong desire for something. Believe me, if you really want something and strive for it, you will surely achieve a result, and a very tangible one. And now about specific desires.

How to live a happy life

Take for example the topic of material well-being. In our country, people love to blame everything on power: they say, they will not allow them to live normally in this country, the government is to blame for everything. Guilty, of course, but ... no more than yourself. And what are you doing to become richer? I did not understand and do not understand people who are ready for a salary of 5-6 thousand rubles a month to do some kind of work that takes them all their free time. Work should not be turned into slave labor.Ask yourself the question: why do not you want to leave such work, why are you afraid? Remember: it is at the expense of you that others are enriched - the ones you work for, and it is in your power to change it. Let them enrich themselves, but not at the expense of you. Go to where they will pay for the beginning not 5-6, but 10-12 thousand - the first step towards improving the financial situation, is not it? Think you won't find another job? Work is now the sea. I am not kidding.

Here you are sitting on the Internet and reading this article - it means that you know how to handle a computer. So why are you sitting? The possibilities that the Internet provides today are almost endless. So gradually you will reach a completely different level of income, which you have only dreamed of before. The main thing is not to be afraid of change. Believe it or not: most of those who die unhappy simply feared or were too lazy to change anything in their lives. And most often they only needed to take what was in their hands. That is why do not interfere with the natural course of events: accept what is coming to you, and what is not going - discard without regret.

How to live a happy life: love

The same applies to our next topic - a favorite activity.Ideally, such an activity will bring us satisfaction, joy, and a good income. But this is the ideal. If it does not bring income, every person who reads this article may find a job that is not too burdensome, but ensures its basic needs. Everyone, and therefore you too. You will have time and classes for the soul.

Now about a family or a loved one. Look at the colossal amount of opportunities for dating today! This is work, and companies of friends, and various events, and, of course, the Internet. You know, many of those who lived before, in past centuries, probably would have died of envy, seeing this. But for some reason there are more and more lonely people. And the reason is very simple. Arguing as follows: theoretically, I do not mind, but in practice - yes, well, her, this personal life. It�s necessary to buy flowers, invite somewhere, and for a girl to look good all the time, to look after yourself, and besides, horror of horrors, often leave the house! And on the Internet, everything is simple - we create an image with which, it is true, then we are afraid to meet, because in reality we are completely different. Here you have a solution - do not you build yourself up from anyone, just communicate, and the necessary meeting will happen anyway. The most important thing is a strong, unbearable desire to be happy and have a happy family.Everything will work out, just don�t throw away opportunities: go somewhere, don�t miss cases at work, if you�ve met someone virtually - don�t drag out of translating these relationships into real ones. After all, everything is simple!

How best to live life

Of course, everyone decides for himself, but a few simple rules that we formulate from our conversation will help you to significantly improve her (life) quality.

  1. It is always better to use the right occasion than to show indecision. Even if you get a negative result, you will not have regret, and the suffering will pass, because at least you have tried!


  2. Do not depend on the opinions of others about how you build your life both globally and in its individual aspects. You can listen, but you can only trust the final decision. No one knows better than you with whom you live, where to work and who to love.
  3. Do not be afraid to change something in your life. The habitual and quiet way is good only when it suits you completely. If something goes wrong, open yourself to change, worse than it was, will not be. You will leave the old job, you will find better, you parted with the person you loved, but who made you suffer - you will find better. Believe me, it is. If you want, everything will work out.

Here are just three rules that will tell you how to live life, and most importantly - how to live it happily. I have no doubt that you will be happy, just believe in it and take steps in this direction. These can be large steps taken from time to time, or small steps taken regularly. No matter how and how much, it is important that they take place. Even with a small effort one can achieve a great deal - what to say about significant and all the more regular. Good luck to you!


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