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How do they live in Australia?

Australia is currently one of the most highly developed countries in the world. In terms of the standard of living of the population, it is already ahead of such universally recognized leaders of the world economy as Germany, the United States of America, the United Kingdom and Japan. Therefore, if we try to answer the question of how people live in Australia, in one word, the answer will be: “Good!”. However, such a short answer is unlikely to suit you, therefore, we will try to talk about this distant beautiful country in a little more detail.

Australian territory and population

Let's start with geography. The territory of Australia consists of the mainland, which occupies the entire Australian continent, a large island of Tasmania and a group of smaller islands. Despite such a large area of ​​land in Australia, only about 20 million people live, almost 90% of them being urban residents.

Almost everyone who lives in Australia, immigrants in a certain generation, are descendants of immigrants from Europe, China and some Asian countries.Aboriginal people in the country are only five or six percent. Such an unusual mixture of races, cultures and religions has led to the fact that the Australians have become a friendly and benevolent nation, tolerant of everyone around. Yes, in general, Australians are probably the most smiling people on earth. Open, uncomplexed and cheerful - these are the inhabitants of the Green Continent.

Australian lifestyle and traditions

Most Australians dress extremely simply, it seems that such concepts as “status” and “prestige” of things for them do not exist at all. T-shirts, jeans, wide linen shorts are the Australian's favorite clothes, regardless of his gender and income level. In Australia, it is not customary for anyone to prove their success by wearing expensive branded outfits or to demonstrate wealth by driving around the Rolls Royce. Australians sincerely do not understand why to spend money on what nobody needs. After all, it is much more convenient to go in shorts and sandals on bare feet, than to suffer in a dress with a corset, and in the car for them the most important thing is to spend less gasoline and drive and not break.“Moderation and once again moderation!” - this is the slogan of the present Australian. But, like any other rule, this also has one exception - Australians love to eat. A visitor who first set foot on Australian soil might get the impression that everyone living in Australia is obese. There are a lot of fat people on the streets, but they are absolutely not complex about their appearance, and they constantly have a bite to eat on the run with hamburgers and fried sausages, so beloved in Australia.

The most important thing that is appreciated by Australians is work. Finding a good job, you will solve all your other problems automatically. Banks will easily and willingly give you a loan to buy a home or car at low interest rates for up to 25 years, in addition, you can get yourself a private health insurance, which can be very useful to you, since treatment in Australia is quite expensive. Education in Australia is also paid, but there are no entrance exams - paid and learn for your pleasure. All the rest in Australia is relatively inexpensive and even the average salary of an employee completely allows not only to lead a comfortable life, but also to save some sums for the future.


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