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How to let a person go?

It seems that a loved one will be near all his life. But fate sometimes disposes differently, and he leaves. Of course, this is a shock, since the usual way of things collapses before our eyes, and it seems that nothing can be done. But you need to pull yourself together and think about how to release a person, otherwise you can go crazy.

How to let go of a loved one?

First of all, you need to try to move away from the shock and recognize the fact that the person left. This is the most important thing: you should not run away from reality, it will still overtake, and it will be more difficult to come to terms with the situation. Of course, when the parting passed without scandals, it would be a little easier to do, but if you talked to each other offensive things, passions will not subside for a long time. You will constantly play the parting scene in your head. For this reason, you need to calm down and accept what happened.

Perhaps after realizing this fact, you will feel emptiness in your heart, but it is temporary. Sure, letting go of the person you love is not easy, but it needs to be done, since your time is gone and will not return.It is best to call the former lover and say that you wish him happiness, despite his pain and despair. You'll see, you will be much easier.

You should not save in pain and resentment: share the problem with loved ones. Perhaps they will not give practical advice, but it will be possible to pour out the soul, after which there will be relief. After some time, you can forgive and release the person who caused the suffering. Sure, it will take time, but every day the pain will go away from the heart.

Exercise to let go of a loved one

You can also spend a little exercise, which is more like a kind of ritual. It will require:

  • candle;
  • paper;
  • a pen.

On a sheet of paper you need to state all your emotions, your pain. You can not be shy in expressions and scold the former lover. It is quite natural that while describing your problem you will cry, but do not stop: it is important to live through the situation and forget about it. As soon as you feel that you have nothing more to add, light a candle and burn a piece of paper. During this action you need to visualize how your problem burns and no longer has power over you.Ash should be washed off with water.

Relationship analysis

To quickly forgive and release a person, you need to analyze the relationship with him. Was everything in them good and rosy? After all, there will certainly be a lot of negative moments. You can even take a sheet of paper and write what was good and bad in the relationship. Then compare the results: you will find a lot of negativity. Of course, you should not concentrate on it, but thanks to this you will be able to avoid the idealization of the former lover. And this is the first step to freeing oneself from attachment to it. You will understand that your world was not perfect, but you can build a completely new relationship with another person, avoiding the mistakes of the past.

Letting go of your beloved can help you tips from this article.

How to let go of a dead person?

Release from the heart of a man who died recently, it is extremely difficult. Often there is a feeling of guilt due to the fact that you did not pay enough attention to him, argued, swore, offended him. If you continue in the same vein, you will not get out of depression in the near future. After all, a man is gone; this cannot be changed. Of course, it is difficult, but you can ask for everything from the deceased forgiveness.

Try to take a photo of the deceased or imagine that he is in a room, sitting on a sofa or bed. Shed a soul to him, tell me what's hard for you without him, ask for forgiveness for all your unseemly deeds. Most likely, he will understand and forgive you. If you feel guilty in front of him, then you can promise a person to redeem it. In this case, you should do some good things in the future. After that, say goodbye to him, tell me that you love him and let him go into eternity. At the end of this exercise, you must definitely say goodbye to him forever.

Of course, it is rather difficult not to think constantly about a dead person, but you should be in the company of someone close to you more often, suffer loss with them, because they will be able to give you moral support. So you can avoid loneliness, which leads to depression and depression. You can head off to work, focusing on an interesting project to think less about your grief. So you will constantly communicate with people, which means that you will not withdraw into yourself, and you will be less likely to attend negative thoughts.


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