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How to learn to quickly and efficiently work on the Internet? Properly use the keyboard capabilities

Download video from youtube
To download videos from youtube, I suggest using technology from SaveFrom.net resource (you may not remember the name). Open the desired video in your browser, paste two letters ss between “www.” And “youtube” (for example: www.ssyoutube.com/watch?v=KgmNsugMu5s) and press enter, a window will open, in which several seconds will appear download options. You will save a huge amount of time. Try it!
Search for a word on the site page (open tab)
If you need to find the desired word (text fragment) in the open tab, press the key combination "Ctrl + F" or F3 (the layout language is not important), a search menu will open in the upper or lower corner of the tab, where you should enter your query and press enter .
Refresh the page
How many extra movements you had to do to refresh the page! Now I know that the F5 key manages updating the page.
come back
The backspace key, as well as pressing the back button of the browser, moves to the previous page that you were viewing.
Move the cursor to the address bar
There is no need to drag the cursor to the address bar of the browser, if you know the keyboard shortcut “Ctrl + E” (the layout language is not important). Press "Ctrl + E" and look - the address is automatically allocated, you can enter a new query.
Move around the page (scrolling)
With the space bar you can move down the page. Add "Shift" ("Shift + Space") and move up. If you need to go to the very top of the page there is the "Home" key, to the very bottom is the "End".
Helpful advice
Of course, not all keyboard capabilities are listed. Combinations of "hot keys" are much more. You can set your own convenient combinations for your computer. This greatly optimizes the speed of work at the computer and frees up a lot of time for more pleasant things.

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