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How to learn to read books?

January 12, 2015
How to learn to read books?

The book is a real storehouse of knowledge. It is the subject of first priority in the world of information. After all, it is not for nothing that they say that today it is not the one who cannot read that can be considered illiterate, but the one who cannot learn and learn new things. The art book brings up tastes, instills the rules for understanding the environment. Scientific - gives a person new knowledge and skills.

How can you learn to read books in such a way that you can perceive information as effectively as possible: both in terms of speed and in terms of learning?

How to speed up normal reading

  • Measure out the minute with a timer and read any artistic text without pictures and tables in the usual way for you. After reading, count the number of words. This will be the initial speed of your reading. Let's try to increase it.
  • Concentrate on the topic of the story. Do not lose the thread of the plot. Follow the main characters (in the artistic text). In technical - highlight the main thing. Read carefully selected and headlines.Examples and illustrations can be simply viewed.
  • To set the pace of reading, use your hand or finger, moving from left to right along the length of the line, then returning to the beginning of the next. Do it all faster. Even if you do not have time to read all the words, the brain will complete the sentences on its own. General sense you will surely catch.
  • Use the principle of preliminary familiarization with the text. It is necessary, as it were, to casually pay attention to each page for 2-3 seconds, viewing the text. And then read more carefully.
  • Reinforce your brain (chocolate bar, a cup of coffee). This stimulates the reading process. Body pose is also important. It should be, at a minimum, comfortable: the spine is not curved, the legs are not pressed, the head is straight, the breathing is even.
  • After a week of exercises, we recommend measuring the reading speed again and comparing with the previous indicator. Surely, it has increased (at first it may even be a doubling). Then the indicators do not grow so much. For the further level, it is necessary to switch to the speed reading method

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