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How to learn the alphabet?

The study of any language begins with an acquaintance with the alphabet. It is the combination of letters that gives the written designation of words, and the combination of sounds - its sound. There is no uniformity in the study of the alphabet - there are many tips for learning letters, authoring techniques.

Learning the Russian alphabet

The Russian alphabet in its modern form, consisting of 33 letters, has existed since 1918. Each letter is given a name, for example, the letter B is called “Be,” and M is called “Em.” Usually the child gets acquainted with the mother tongue from the first days of life. Psychologists and educators disagree on how old you should start teaching your child the alphabet, how to learn the alphabet.

One of the methods is the use of cards with a written letter and a painted object, the name of which begins with that letter. It is better if the drawing is not one, but two or three. However, the letter must be the brightest on the card. From various objects (cubes, jars, buttons, pencils, clips, etc.) you can lay out the letters, clearly pronouncing their names, words in which these letters are.

First, the word must begin with the letter being studied, and then you can pronounce words in which the letter occurs in the middle and at the end.Cards with letters can be cut into pieces and assemble into one.

“Memories” are good help in learning the alphabet: poems or songs that list letters. Humming the alphabet on various motifs, we increase the level of memorization.

In learning a new letter, you can act according to this scheme:

1. Show the child a card with a letter, clearly and loudly call it, ask to repeat (if you teach a whole class, then in chorus, and then individually ask everyone to name the letter). Explain how a letter is correctly pronounced and how the sound that corresponds to it is correctly pronounced (in many cases there are differences).

2. Name the words that begin with this letter.

3. Slowly, beautifully and correctly write down a new letter in the upper and lower case versions, then ask the children to write down both versions in their notebooks. If necessary, slowly, simultaneously with the children, write the letters on the blackboard again so that they can see how to correctly draw the letter on paper, remember it and immediately repeat it.

English alphabet

The easiest way to draw an analogy between the letters of the English alphabet and Russian. The English alphabet is only 26 letters.For beginners in textbooks, Russian transcription is provided, although it will be necessary to learn English transcription when learning a language, since it is used in dictionaries. There are many tips on how to learn the English alphabet in textbooks and on Internet resources.

Choose your option and stick to the study schedule. Songs and poems to facilitate memorization, cards with letters and transcriptions, spread out throughout the apartment, will speed up the learning process. Repeated repetition is the basis of memorization.

Accelerated learning

How to quickly learn the alphabet? Start learning not in alphabetical order, but with the most common letters. Devote one letter a day or two. Use the materials at hand, associative rows, aesthetic perception. Apply vision, hearing and mechanical memory in a complex.

Take advantage of the computer by downloading special tutorials. When you press the keyboard, an image of the letter appears on the monitor and its name is pronounced with a voice.

Age of child

The age from which to start teaching children is not defined. Teachers and psychologists argue on this issue.It is well known that children's learnability is high, even from a very early age, and already in three or four years the child is able to memorize all the letters of the alphabet.

One of the main features of children's education is the game. In a playful way, children remember information more easily. You can draw letters and objects, in the name of which there is a letter, sculpt from clay or from salt dough, painting stucco letters. Letters from balls and even alphabet cookies - all this can be used to teach children.

Given the characteristics of development, only attentive and caring parents can determine how to learn the alphabet with the child. It is important not to force or overwork the baby.


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