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How to recognize your person?

When relationships are already established, and understanding and love reign between partners, all that remains is to support these feelings. It is not so simple, but it is quite possible. It is much harder for those who have not yet met their soul mate and are actively looking for someone close in spirit and interests, those who still don’t really know how to recognize their person. The difficulty is that so many people are able to cause us sympathy. It may be nice and pleasant to spend weekends with them, have fun and travel, but in my heart it's still realizing that, despite mutual interest, this is not the person with whom I would like to live my whole life, share the most intimate, take care of him , maintain and guard it.

How to understand that a person suits you

Among the many familiar faces and a string of casual encounters, you can easily miss your chance to find your soul mate. But how to recognize your man and not overlook him? Everyone in the subconscious draws an ideal partner. Sometimes we may not even realize that we are looking for a person who looks like a dream.Unfortunately, in reality it is quite difficult to meet someone who will fully meet all our requirements and wishes. Yes, it is not necessary. The most important thing in relationships is respect, understanding, readiness to support in difficult times and, of course, disinterested and bright love.

Sometimes it is enough to spend several days with a person to realize that he has met a faithful companion for life. Sometimes it takes years to realize this. However, there are several important signs that may indicate that you have met your person.

  1. Respect for each other. If a person is always ready to listen to you, no matter what you say, he gratefully accepts your desire to share his concerns or joys with him, does not interrupt and does not try to impose his story, ignoring you - all this speaks of respect. Respect is a solid foundation for building further relationships. If, even at an early stage of meeting or friendship, it is present between people, it is likely that such a relationship will grow into something big.
  2. Personal qualities. At each age and at certain moments in life, we may like different qualities in people.Watching films about love, we begin to appreciate elegance, gallantry and romance, and after a few weeks are ready to fall in love with energetic fidget and rebel. One should not take fleeting passions for the truth. Behind the illusion lies real traits that we value in people. If it is difficult to recognize them in a person, you can simplify the task for yourself by writing in a row those qualities that you could theoretically like in a partner, and then gradually eliminate what seems insignificant.
  3. Common values. Do not confuse values ​​with hobbies, these are completely different things. Hobbies of just partners may not be the same. Everyone has the right to have personal space to realize their potential and have hobbies. If partners have different interests, this is not a reason for quarrels or contention. Rather, on the contrary, it is pleasant to realize that a loved one has a favorite affair about which he can enthusiastically tell. Values ​​are, first of all, views on life, future plans, and priorities. At the same time, if the main thing for you in the near future is career, travel, active rest and rich life, and your partner wants to start a family, children, arrange a house and live a quiet measured life, this does not mean that you are not on the way .Remember that in love you can always find compromises.
  4. Intuition. No matter how trite it may sound, but by listening to the inner voice, you can understand how to define your person. Some people argue that women's intuition is stronger. Perhaps this is so. But men also should not completely ignore the inner feeling. After all, intuition is not based on physical attraction and is very often able to suggest the right answer.

Where to look for love?

In books and movies, we often see scenes where people meet in the most inappropriate places for romance: at the grocery store, at the dentist’s reception, or walking the dog. One should not exclude the likelihood of such a meeting in real life, but one should not rely on it especially. It is best to look for a soul mate in places of common interest. These can be concerts, exhibitions and museums, theaters, clubs where they play board games, various master classes or courses in foreign languages. When you meet a person in one of these places, at least you will have common points of contact and there will be something to talk about. At the initial stage of the relationship is a good start.

In the modern world of the development of social networks, many find a mate using the Internet. Now you can share photos, specify your data in a profile, write about interests and hobbies and view information about other users. It has become much easier to find someone with whom it could be interesting in real life.

When searching for a loved one all the means and sources are good. Do not discard the opportunity to meet someone who liked you, referring to a bad mood or other little things and excuses. Fearing failure or failure is quite normal, but if you do not overpower yourself, you can spend half your life alone. Even if previous attempts ended in failure and the relationship did not develop, you should not be disappointed, because it is quite possible that today you will meet the person you have been looking for.


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