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How to knit double crochet?

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How to knit double crochet?

Every woman wants to have knitting skills and be able to apply various techniques skillfully in practice. If the needlewoman figured out how to knit a double crochet, this will open up to her truly unlimited possibilities in crocheting. Having mastered the knitting with such a technique, you can make various products: blouses, vests, skirts, swimsuits, napkins, etc. Learn, create new models, get inspired!

For crochet crochet, you'll need:

  • threads;
  • hook (depending on the thickness of the thread choose the number).

How to hold the thread and hook?

The thread coming from the hank must be held with the left hand, passing it between the little finger and the ring finger. Then, having rounded the little finger, the thread is pulled forward and passed over the surface of the palm in such a way that the working thread passes between the middle and ring fingers. Now, dropping three fingers (middle, ring and little finger), throw a thread from the bottom of the index finger.In the course of work, the thread should be firmly clamped between the index and thumb.

They take the hook in the right hand and hold it like a pen, directing its movements with the index finger of the hand, on which it rests.

Double crochet

As with a double crochet, the crochet stitch knitting technique is based on throwing the thread onto the hook, before inserting it into the next loop.

Before the beginning of knitting rows of double crochets, you should first tie an initial chain of so-called air loops. Moreover, their number should be equal to the required number of double crochet columns, plus three more loops.

The very first double crochet should be knitted into the fourth loop from the side of the hook and knit in this way to the end of the chain. Then you need to turn the work. If you like crochet, double crochet will be the perfect find for you.

Step by step this technique looks like this:

  1. To develop knitting skills with a double crochet, you should dial an arbitrary number of air loops. And for lifting three more loops. For example, 20 + 3.
  2. Next, do a cape and enter the hook into the fourth loop from the edge.
  3. Thread the thread through the loop. Now on the hook got 3 loops.
  4. A pair of loops knit together.
  5. With the remaining loops doing the same thing - knit together. This forms the first double crochet.
  6. You continue knitting in the same way: put a nakid by inserting a hook into the next loop from the last column, pull the thread, alternately knitting two loops at once.

To consolidate the material outlined above and get knitting skills, tie a pattern using the "double crochet" technique, which is shown in the picture from.

Column with two naquids

Another interesting crochet technique is a double crochet.

  1. To do this, twist the thread around the hook twice, grabbing it from behind and pulling the hook forward.
  2. Then you should insert the hook into the first loop of the base of the row (this will be the fifth loop from the hook) and pull out the loop.
  3. Having grabbed the thread with the hook movement from the bottom, you need to stretch it through two of the four loops on the hook. Then grab the thread again, putting a hook under it.
  4. Having stretched the working thread through two of the three loops that were left on the hook, you should take the thread back from the bottom.
  5. The bollard is knitted, passing the thread through the loops remaining on the crochet hook.
  6. It is necessary to repeat, starting with 1 point of the instruction, each time making a hook in the first loop of the base on the left.

Very accessible and clearly demonstrates the process of how to knit a double crochet, the video at the top of this article.


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