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How to kill the Guardian?

Elena Melnichenko
Elena Melnichenko
March 2, 2015
How to kill the Guardian?

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How to kill the Guardian?

It is worth noting that the Guardian in the popular game Darksiders 2 - perhaps the most difficult opponent that occurs during the passing game, and if you can not kill him, you will not pass to the next stage.

Destruction of the guard

Destroying the Guard is not so easy, for this you need to know a few tricks:

  1. View the cartoon and at the end climb onto your horse. You need to get as close as possible to the Guard.
  2. Then, during his stroke of his hand, head towards the hand. When the hammer is stuck in the ground, you have a little time to destroy the Guardian. Find bombs on his hands and shoot at them. If you shoot accurately and hit the first time, the bombs will quickly explode. Thus the Guardian will be defeated, and it will crumble. Next, you need to find a crystal that falls out of your hand, jump on it and beat until the Guardian rises. Such actions should be repeated twice.
  3. After that, the Guardian will fire fireballs at you.As soon as he sends his first ball, shoot him several times and run between the legs of the Guardian. The ball will fly behind you, so the Guardian will kill himself. After that, you need to run up to your left hand and resurrect the Guardian with the help of a crystal, as described earlier.
  4. After such actions, Death is activated and will finish off the Guardian, destroying the crystal.

It is worth noting that killing a boss in this way is possible at lighter levels; with the passage of complex options, the number of manipulations must be increased by 1. The time to destroy the enemy also increases.

If you were unable to kill the Guardian from the first time, then all actions must be repeated from the very beginning, going through two stages in turn.


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