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How to kill Diablo?

Vladimir Kulinich
Vladimir Kulinich
March 5, 2013
How to kill Diablo?

Most gamers probably played a game like Diablo. How to kill Diablo, tell our article.

Diablo 1

After killing Diablo himself, the game will end, which is why it is not necessary to leave valuable things on the floor. After the transition to the 16th level, it is necessary to purchase 30-40 bottles of manna and life for a quick restocking during the battle.

In the last of the rooms is Diablo, but he is not himself. In addition to it, it is necessary to destroy a lot of Blood Knights. It is almost impossible to do this, which is why it is necessary, not coming close to this place, to shoot in this direction with a bow or Fireball. This will allow to lure the monsters in several pieces.

There is nothing supernatural in Diablo himself. He is very strong and fat. For warriors, a good tactic is to stand with your back against the wall so that Diablo cannot push you away.

Diablo 2

Tell you how to kill Diablo 2. After a conversation with the archangel, you enter the Diablo lair. Five seals must be opened to find the Demon. The seals are located at the ends of the cross — the form of Satan’s lair.Smash the monsters, and Diablo will come. He is able to powerfully beat his paw, freeze, let the river of fire. The most dangerous thing for you is the flow of red lightning. If you fall into this stream, you will die.

Tactic such: freeze Satan and remove health in any way. If you play for a warrior - hand to hand, mage - then fighting spells. As soon as you see that the Demon wants to let a stream of lightning (flashes a red discharge between his hands), rather run away from him. When everything goes, you need to go back and finish it.

Diablo 3

How to kill Diablo in Diablo 3 - through three fights.

  1. Heaven. Here it is enough for you to reduce half the health of Diablo. The worst distance is average. On it are small odds of dodging attacks for long-range characters. Those who prefer close combat will not be able to attack, but Diablo himself will shorten the distance. It is also worth using the Well of Health, which is located there.
  2. Hell. Here you will meet with the Dark Reflection - the shadow counterpart of your character. She is the same in class, clothes and sex with your hero, but the ability will choose itself. She has little health, so it is easy to defeat her.
  3. Heaven.Here the battle tactics are the same as in the first battle.

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